Helsinglight will exhibit at Nordsken Gaming and Culture festival- May 30th - June 1st

We’re so excited! House of Helsinglight will exhibit at NORDSKEN - The Largest Gaming and Culture Festival in Northern Scandinavia, held at Skellefteå Kraft Arena May 30th - June 1st!

Aftermovie for Nordsken 2018

Nordsken is a tribute to people's imagination and ingenuity with a focus on games, culture and creativity. It's an inclusive party where they encourage individuals wild fantasies. Nordsken mix of content is unique in the Nordic countries and it is the only major meeting place for this kind of culture in northern Sweden.

Nordsken Gaming and Culture Festival, Skellefteå Kraft Arena

Nordsken Gaming and Culture Festival, Skellefteå Kraft Arena

Nordsken is a meeting place for everyone who likes games, culture and creativity. A festival with creativeness in the center where the participants are inspired, motivated and activated. At Nordsken you will always feel at home, whether you work in the industry or if you’re a gaming professional, enthusiastic nerd, experienced, beginner or just curious.

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Website: nordsken.se
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Instagram: @nordsken

House of Helsinglight exhibiting in the EXPO-Hall at Nordsken Gaming and Culture Festival

You’ll find House of Helsinglight exhibiting in the EXPO-hall at Nordsken Gaming and Culture Festival in Skellefteå, North of Sweden. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this awesome event! Join us for a creative blast! Come say hi to us and we’ll tell you more about our adventures, how you can be part of Helsinglight community and join our creative awesomeness.

House of Helsinglight - FX Makeup Academy, Alternative Artist in Residence program, Art Gallery & Events! Helsinglight is a creative resort based in Vattlång, Nordanstig municipality, Hälsingland.

Want to join a FX Workshop and learn the art of silicone mask making or illusional face paint?

Helsinglight FX Academy offers exclusive FX workshops in silicone mask making, prostethics, FX illusional face painting etc. At our stand at Nordsken you can get loads of information of how to join our workshops in SFX / FX makeup, FX Prosthetic & Monster Mask Making etc. in the future we will also add costume making, prop making etc to our FX Workshop menu.

We’ve got some really cool workshops already planned for this summer ! If you want to take part of a FX workshop before Nordsken you should join our 10-day Silicone Mask making workshop 2-12th May! . We’ll also be bringing some FX-makeup stuff for sale with us at the stand. If you’re an artist you can also learn more about Helsinglight Alternative Artist in Residence program (AAiR) and how to apply to be part of it.

10-day Silicone Mask Making Workshop May 2-12th at Helsinglight FX. Learn the art of creating your own full mask monster creature in silicone! During 10-days you’ll learn all from design, sculpting, mold making, silicone casting, airbrushing and handpainting your monster mask!

Meet some of Helsinglights magical creatures at Nordsken + try some monster sculpting out

When you visit our exhibition stand during Nordsken you will get a glimpse of our magical Helsinglight - a creative resort based in the beautiful countryside of Hälsingland. We’re located right between the cities Hudiksvall and Sundsvall. At Nordsken you will meet some of our magical fantasy creatures we bring with us from the forests of Hälsingland.

Petra Shara Stoor, owner and FX Artist/Teacher at Helsinglight FX Academy. Here with her Guardian Tree of Helsinglight on the festival Midvinterglöd . The Tree-Man of Helsinglight will also be joining Nordsken!

At our stand wou will also be able to watch Kent Klint Engman do some monster sculpting in clay! Kent is a member of our team, one of our “Helsinglighters” and as he works on sculpting his monster creature during the event you can sit down in a sculpting chair right next to him and have a go at sculpting yourself!

In fact - we invite Nordsken visitors who visits our stand to join forces and sculpt a “Nordsken Creature” together during these days!

Kent Klint Engman, part of Helsinglight Team will be joining us at the stand and work on sculpting a monster in clay! You will also be intimated to do a bit of sculpting yourself at our stand as we invite you all to join forces and sculpt a “Nordsken creature” together during this event!

You’ll meet Helsinglight Owners Petra Shara Stoor and Fredrik Fernlund at House of Helsinglight Stand in the EXPO-hall during Nordsken May 30th - June 1st!

We cannot wait to be part of this event and to meet everyone taking part of this cultural event! We are certain we will have a blast together with you all, establish new collaborations and friendships.

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See you at Nordsken!

Creative Greetings,
Team Helsinglight