Awesome adventures coming up at House of Helsinglight

We’ve got an awesome summer and year ahead of us at House of Helsinglight! There are so many happenings and creative adventures booked and in the planning stage! All from FX workshops to Art Exhibitions, Performance Art & concerts, Launch of Alternative Artist in Residence test program etc. If you haven’t decided yet on your holiday plans - why not set your sight on a visit or creative stay at House of Helsinglight!

So what’s happening House of Helsinglight?

Well, there is a lot going on and some plans are still in the making so we cannot launch them all yet, but we will keep filling in the calendar and keep you updated with what’s happening! Subscribe to our newsletter at the end of this blogpost so you don’t miss out on any news!

Here are some highlights that are booked in that you should not miss out on!

fx workshop mask making helsinglight sweden

10- day silicone mask making workshop

2-12th May at Helsinglight FX, Book your spot now and join the fun!!


4- day illusion makeup workshop

27-30th June at Helsinglight FX with Metamorphosia FX! Book your spot now and join the fun!


Helsinglight exhibits at Nordsken culture & gaming festival

30th May - 1st June, at Skellefteå Kraft Arena

skullsandbonesartwork taxidermy art.jpg

Art exhibitions, concerts & performances at Helsinglight Art Gallery

More information coming soon of how to apply to exhibit/perform at Helsinglight Art Gallery!


Launch of AAiR - Alternative Artist in Residence program - test group

We’re selecting a test group of cultural workers to try our art residency out! Want to be part of the test group? Deadline for applications 31st March! Apply now!

lifecasting helsinglight.jpg

New FX workshops coming up!

Life casting, prosthetic makeup FX & application workshops, sculpting…more information coming soon! Sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on our FX news!