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The Walking Dead Volume 13: No Return

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    In this 13th volume of Robert Kirkman's zombie epic, Rick and the other survivors we get to follow have trouble fitting into the new society they've found…

    Foreword by Katarina Gospic

    "What drives ordinary people to commit what most of us consider insane acts? What happens to our decision-making when we go from being in a relatively safe society to an apocalypse context? Our decision-making is governed simply by two different systems. We can call one the reptilian brain and the other the cortical system. It is the cortical system that allows us to think strategically, long-term and make plans for the future. But when we are stressed and in extreme situations is the reptilian brain in control. The character traits of the main characters in The Walking Dead have changed tremendously if you compare the first volumes to the later ones. If you analyze Rick's behavior, we can see that he acts relatively rational and thoughtful in the beginning of the series. But the further in the story we come the more short-sighted, impulsive and selfish he becomes…”

    - Katarina Gospic


    "What is so epic about The Walking Dead is not the zombie threat itself, but the depiction of the material, emotional and moral decay of a society."

    - Johan Karlsson, Blekinge County Newspaper

  • Information

    Page count 144
    Released 2015-02-05 
    Weight 393 g
    Original title The Walking Dead volume 11: Too far gone 
    Media type Stapled
    Language Swedish
    Measure 169 x 258 x 11 mm 
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    ISBN 9789187877131 
    Title The Walking Dead volume 13. No return
    Series The Walking Dead 
    Editor Johan Kimrin
    Author Robert Kirkman 
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard
    Translator Sara Arestedt 
    Illustrator Jonas Darnell

    Apart Publishers