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Grimace Scar wax

by Grimas
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Scar wax is a wax that can easily be shaped as desired. This product is used to create many different types of makeup and special effects such as wounds, injuries and scarring on the skin. It is easy to apply and remove make-up. Perfect for the Halloween party, TV, theater or film scene. A product that helps you create damage with makeup that looks realistic.

  • Features

    • 25 ml
    • Easy to apply, apply make-up and remove make-up
    • Can be used by everyone
  • Usage


    1. Take the desired amount of wax from the package with the Derma Wax Spatula .
    2. Knead the wax between your fingers to make it pliable.
    3. If you want a different color on the wax, you can now add e.g. Crème Make-up or Special Effects Powder and knead in the color.
    4. Apply Scar Wax to the skin and smooth the edges with your fingers so that fat or moisture gets stuck between the wax and the skin.
    5. Dab the wax with a clean, dry make-up sponge to pick up unwanted color and more.
    6. Dust everything with a sponge with Transparent Powder for a matte finish and for curing.
    7. Turn the sponge over and catch the excess Transparent Powder .


    1. Scrape off the wax with the Derma Wax Spatula .
    2. Massage Grimas Multi Remover Pure or Cleansing Cream into the skin.
    3. Repeat point 2 as many times as necessary.