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Iwata Neo CN, Airbrush

by Iwata
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  • Description

    Iwata's NEO series is a perfect choice for the beginner or the more experienced artist who wants an affordable, quality and good airbrush suitable for many different purposes. This is a perfect airbrush for those who want to start airbrushing and learn more about this art form. It works well for various artistic fields, everything from subject painting, FX makeup, beauty makeup, nails, photo retouching, miniature painting, baking, etc. The possibilities are endless.

    The airbrush guns in the Iwata NEO series are developed to be used with low air pressure, which makes them well suited for use with the smallest compressors. This in turn makes it a very flexible tool to take with you on various artistic assignments. High quality at a really good price makes the NEO pistols a great place to start your creation with. We also offer the opportunity to help get hold of all spare parts, nozzles, color needles, etc.

  • Features

    • Color nozzle: 0.35 mm
    • Needle: 0.35 mm
    • Type: dual action
    • Good for detail painting
    • Color capacity: 1.5 ml or 7 ml
    • Optimum working pressure: 8-20 psi
    • Spray image: medium (fine-wide)
    • feeding: gravity
    • 5 year warranty
  • Usage

    The Iwata Neo Hp-Cn is a gravity fed dual action airbrush gun. It has a slightly narrower spray pattern with a 0.35 mm paint nozzle and needle, which makes it very suitable for detail painting. The airbrush gun comes with dual paint cups (7ml and 1.5ml), this gives you different advantages and possibilities. In the large cup you can mix colors directly in the cup if you need a larger amount of color and the smaller cup you can use when you need a smaller amount of color, or to get a better overview of the work you are doing without having a large cup which is in the way.

    Both color cups have optimal color flow and are easy to clean. You can even if you want to use the airbrush gun Neo HP-CN without a paint cup, then there is 0.8 ml of paint in the gun itself, which is perfect if you need to make small and quick changes where you only need a little paint.