Workshop AreaS

At the moment we are currently renovating our Helsinglight school in Vattlång and therefor in the meantime we are renting another school in Jättendal where our workshops are held in the time being. Our goal is to open up the doors to Helsinglight SFX Makeup Academy in our renovated school summer 2018! 



This beautiful building was built in 1920 and it used to be a school in between 1920-1965. On the first floor there are 3 big classrooms and a big reception area. One of the class rooms used to be the old gymnastics hall, that will in the future serve as an art gallery and music venue. The class room in the middle as well as the class room to the right is dedicated for SFX-makeup and mask workshops.

On the second floor there is an apartment that in the future will be available for rent /airBnB as well as kitchen facilities to use during the workshops. The second floor also holds work offices and Petra Shara Stoors private art studio, that also in the future will be available to rent for artists in residence.

On the top floor there is a beautiful attic which will be renovated in the future and host private events. In the basement  a sauna, showers and relax-area will be built. 

Helsinglight Head quarters undergoing renovation!

Jättendal School (Temporary location for our workshops)

During the renovations of our Helsinglight we are renting another place/ school in Jättendal, Nordanstig where we currently hold our SFX-workshops. The school that we are renting is a bit more modern than our Helsinglight, but a very good place for our workshops until Helsinglight is ready to be launched open. The school in Jättendal was active until 2015 when they decided to shut it down and move all the students to another school. So at the moment the building is only used on occasions. 

Jättendal school where we are renting some of the class rooms in the building for our workshops.