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Silicone Mask Making Class in 10 Days, Sweden

With FX Artist Petra Shara Stoor

Silicone Mask Making Class in 10 Days, Sweden

Location: Helsinglight - Vattlång, Sweden

 Min 6 / Max 12 students
Length of class: 10 days (approx 100 h)

Price of class: EUR 2 495
EUR 350 (part of total price)

Original price $323.00 - Original price $323.00
Original price $323.00
$323.00 - $323.00
Current price $323.00
Course fee (including registration fee): Registration fee - Secure your spot
Date: May 4-14th, 2023

Take your creativity to new heights with our popular class in fantasy creature silicone mask making at Helsinglight FX Academy in Sweden! During this unique 10-day course, you'll learn all the skills required to create silicone masks from start to finish, including design, sculpting, mold-making and silicone casting, airbrushing, and hand-painting the mask. No prior experience is required, the course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced creators. The class concludes with a professional photoshoot of the spooky monster mask or magical creature that you've created.

Led by experienced FX makeup artist Petra Shara Stoor, our course in silicone mask making offers instruction in Swedish, English, and Finnish as needed, so you can participate in the language that suits you best. We recommend a minimum age of 18 years to get the most out of this intense 10-day FX class and take your creative skills to the next level!

At Helsinglight FX Academy, we provide all the materials and tools needed to create a silicone mask, so all you need to bring is your passion for FX makeup and creation. There are limited spaces available, so book your spot now by paying a deposit (registration fee). Join us on this unforgettable and creative journey at Helsinglight FX Academy - your makeup school for FX makeup, masks, and special effects!

Would you like to set up a payment plan?
Partial payment of course: We want to make it easier for you to participate in our courses and therefore offer the option to pay the course fee in three monthly installments. Please feel free to contact us for more information, and if you need an even more flexible payment plan, we can explore the possibilities together.

Important information

Secure your spot by paying a registration fee of 350 EUR (part of the total course fee). You will receive an invoice from us via email for the remaining amount, which must be paid no later than 2 weeks before the course starts.

  • Book accommodation at House of Helsinglight in simpler rooms shared with others (similar to a hostel). For more information about accommodation, email
  • No prior experience is required - suitable for beginners, film enthusiasts, tattoo artists, artists, cosplayers, LARPers, makeup artists, special effects artists, and much more!
  • Recommended minimum age is 18 years
  • The course is taught in multiple languages and tailored to the needs of the participants, with Swedish, English, and Finnish as the main languages.
  • Registration fees (deposits) are non-refundable due to the cost of materials and all the preparations we make for the course. In the event that you need to cancel your spot due to illness or other personal reasons, we will gladly help you book a spot on a future course.

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Email: for more information.

Course description

Learn to create fantasy inspired silicone masks from start to finish in our unique 10-day FX makeup course, covering everything from design and sculpting in chavant clay, to plaster mold-making and silicone casting, airbrush techniques and hand-painting of silicone masks. This FX makeup and silicone mask making course is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists, no prior experience is needed. Led by experienced FX makeup artist Petra Shara Stoor with instruction available in Swedish, English, and Finnish as needed. The course concludes with a professional photoshoot of the monster mask or magical creature you have created.

  • Design the mask you want to create
  • Basic theory on different materials, tools, and techniques
  • Sculpting the mask design in clay using various techniques
  • Plaster moldmaking (2-part stone mold)
  • Silicone casting of mask
  • Repair and problem-solving for the mask
  • Airbrush and hand-painting of mask
  • Finishing of mask
  • Photoshoot of character
  • We only work with high-quality FX Makeup products, equipment, tools, and materials
  • All necessary materials, equipment, and tools needed to create a basic silicone mask are included (additional decorative materials, hair, special effect lenses, etc. are not included).

1. Design of imaginative character and sculpting in Chavant clay (3.5 days)

We start by finding the right design and feel for your character and mask by using inspiration images, moodboards, and sketches. The next step is to learn different techniques for sculpting your character in clay so that you can create a full mask in silicone based on it.

2. Plaster mold-making (3.5 days)

During this part of the course, you will learn the art of designing and creating a 2-part plaster mold that captures your mask design. You will learn to create a dry wall and reference keys in clay, use specially adapted plaster used in the FX Makeup industry for mold-making. You will learn how to design and cast a 2-part plaster mold, as well as opening the mold, cleaning and preparing it for silicone casting of the mask.

3. Silicone casting, airbrushing and painting of mask, and final photoshoot (3 days) 

At this stage in the silicone mask course, you will prepare your mold for silicone casting. You will learn the art of working with silicone specifically for special effects, how to mix and color silicone, and techniques for brushing silicone into the mold. Once the silicone has cured, it's time to open the mold and remove your silicone mask, clean the mold and mask, repair the mask if necessary, and fix air bubbles, seams, etc. The next step is to learn hand-painting of the mask and try different airbrush techniques. The course concludes with a final photoshoot of your character and the mask you have created.

Who is this FX Makeup course in silicone mask-making for?

This course is an opportunity you do not want to miss, whether you already work as a professional makeup artist in the industry and want to learn more or if you are a beginner seeking a way into a new career in FX makeup, mask making, and props. This is also an excellent course for beginners and hobby artists, ranging from film enthusiasts, tattoo artists, LARPers, makeup artists, and more. You will learn from experienced FX artists and work with high-quality materials used by top FX artists around the world. Additionally, you will network and connect with like-minded individuals and artists in the industry. As the only makeup school in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia offering training and classes in silicone mask-making, we are a unique makeup school that will provide you with an educational experience and memories you will never forget!

This intensive and educational 10-day course in silicone mask-making is an opportunity for you to build your portfolio and develop your skills in several areas. You will improve your design and sculpting skills, as well as gain a good understanding of how mold-making works and how to work with silicone as a material. The course includes both theory and practical work.

This silicone mask training is filled with technical and practical knowledge. You will be richer in knowledge, experience, and find new friends for life!

Where are we located?

Vattlång 114
SE-82991 Ilsbo
Hälsingland, Sweden

How do you travel to us?

We are located in Vattlång, in the municipality of Nordanstig, which is approximately 20 minutes from Hudiksvall and about 1 hour from Sundsvall.

We're only 3 hours north of Stockholm, and closest city to us is Hudiksvall, 20 minutes away from us.

You can take the bus or train to Hudiksvall and connecting local buses from Hudiksvall to Vattlång. It is also convenient if you have your own car or want to rent a car during your stay here. If you have any questions or need help with your travel plans, we are more than happy to assist you.

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Accommodation during the course 

Stay at House of Helsinglight in simpler rooms shared with others (similar to a hostel). For more information on prices and booking accommodation in connection with the course, email


10 day course. Lesson time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (some days are longer)

Lunch break: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

  • Day 1 - Thursday: Introduction, design, and sculpting
  • Day 2 - Friday: Sculpting
  • Day 3 - Saturday: Sculpting
  • Day 4 - Sunday: Sculpting / Moldmaking - Finish sculpture, prepare for moldmaking
  • Day 5 - Monday: Moldmaking - Casting side A of plaster mold
  • Day 6 - Tuesday: Moldmaking - Casting side B of plaster mold
  • Day 7 - Wednesday: Rest day for recovery!
  • Day 8 - Thursday: Opening and cleaning of mold
  • Day 9 - Friday: Silicone casting of mask. Preparation for painting
  • Day 10 - Saturday: Airbrush and hand-painting of silicone mask
  • Day 11 - Sunday: Final photoshoot of your character


    Q: Is there an age limit to participate in the FX courses?

    A: Most of our workshops are limited to individuals who are 18 years or older, due to long and intensive days and a lot of information to take in. Sometimes we offer shorter and simpler workshops for youth, but for most courses we recommend 18 years and older!

    Q: Do I need prior knowledge in FX/mask making to participate in your courses?

    A: No prior knowledge is required, our workshops are for both beginners and advanced. You will learn every step of the process during the course!

    Q: How much do your FX products/courses cost in dollars, pounds, etc.?

    A: Our currency is SEK (Swedish kronor). Sometimes we list the cost of the product/course in Euro as well. To get an idea of what you're spending in US dollars or British pounds, visit the currency converter for the most updated exchange rates. The conversion is fast, easy, and free!

    Q: Will I receive a certificate/diploma upon completion of the course?

    A: If you wish to receive a certificate/diploma upon completion of the course, we can arrange it for you. The certificate will be signed by the teacher and CEO of Helsinglight FX Makeup Academy.

    Q: Can you help me with travel and accommodation advice?

    A: Yes, we are happy to assist you with travel planning and we also offer on-site accommodation at Helsinglight during the courses. You can contact us for more information.

    Q: You are based in Sweden, what language is the FX course held in?

    A: Yes! We are based in the middle of northern Sweden, in a small village called Vattlång, in Norra Hälsingland, located in the beautiful countryside! Our courses are held in Swedish, Finnish, and English. The course language is adapted to the needs of the students, but it is important for us that everyone understands, so we will adjust the language to best suit the student.

    Q: Can I take the stone mold home with me if I attend a mask making class?

    A: Yes, it is yours to keep, but it is very heavy to carry with you, so it is easiest if you travel by car, then there are no problems. If you do not travel by car, the mold is very heavy and there will be an additional cost for us to send the plaster mold to your address. We can give you an estimated price for shipping with DHL/SCHENKER of your mold, where you pay for the shipping of the mold in advance to us.

    Q: Is food and accommodation included in  the FX course fee?

    A: No, accommodation and food is not included in the cost. However, there is the possibility to book affordable accommodation in shared dormitories when you participate in our courses and education. If you want to book accommodation in connection with the course, please contact us and we can tell you more about the cost and book a place for you. Food is not included. There are simple cooking facilities in a shared kitchen. The nearest store is about 10 minutes from us and if you do not have your own car, we help to drive to the store on some specific days. We sell soft drinks, snacks, candy, etc. on site. We offer coffee and tea during the course.

    Q: Is it possible to set up a payment plan?

    A: Yes, we offer the option to set up a payment plan where you can pay the course fee in three monthly installments. If you need a more flexible plan, you can contact us to discuss this.

    Q: Why is there a deposit fee and why is it non-refundable?

    A: This deposit secures your place in the course and is a part of the total course fee that needs to be paid. So it's a partial payment in advance, so to speak. This deposit is non-refundable due to the material costs we have for course preparation, but if you need to cancel your spot, we can help you book a spot in a future workshop. If we need to cancel the course from our end, a full refund will be given to you.

    Q: What is your cancellation policy?

    A: Please refer to the above answer regarding the non-refundable deposit. The rest of the course fee should be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course. Once the course fee has been paid, it is non-refundable if you cancel, unless you have a doctor's note verifying illness. Otherwise, we are happy to book you into another workshop in the future so that you don't lose your money. Helsinglight FX Makeup Academy is not responsible for any costs incurred by participants who cannot receive a refund for accommodation and travel. Our teachers at Helsinglight FX Academy are all professionals, and it may happen that we need to switch teachers during a workshop. If one of our teachers falls ill, we also need to call in another teacher. The new teacher will always be at the same level as the original, and therefore we cannot make any refunds based on this change.

    Q: What equipment do I need to bring to an FX course?

    A: All materials and tools needed during the class to create the specific design that the class is intended for are included in the cost. If you want to buy FX lenses, props, or other FX materials for the character you have created, you can do so. We also sell materials and tools if you want to buy some to take home.

    Q: Is it possible to take a private lesson or a customized workshop?

    A: Yes, we offer private lessons and customized courses, but at a higher cost because we are dedicating our time and our premises solely to you or a smaller group. Please contact us for more information and to receive a quote for a tailored private course.

    Q: Can I register for multiple courses at once?

    A: Yes, you can register for multiple courses at once, but please note that the deposit is per course.

    Payment plan available Contact us and we'll find a payment plan that suits you
    Course language?

    Our courses can be held in both Swedish, English and Finnish.

    Chat directly with us Have you got questions about the class? Don't hesitate to contact us.
    Location House of Helsingligt
    Vattlång 114, Ilsbo
    Hälsingland, Sweden
    Book accommodation Contact us to book accommodation when you attend a class.
    Visit us - Easy to get here! We're only 3 h north of Stockholm by train.
    New friends for life! Make new friends for life from all over the world!
    Remote & close to nature Create in natural, inspiring environments free from the noise of the city.


    10-Day Silicone Mask Making Workshop - Helsinglight FX Makeup Academy, Sweden

    Book a spot in our popular 10-day training program for silicone mask making. Learn how to design and sculpt in clay, create a plaster mold, silicone casting, airbrushing, and hand-painting your mask. We conclude the course with a professional photoshoot of the imaginative mask and character you've created. At Helsinglight FX Academy, Sweden we strive to provide the highest quality education and help you develop your skills and passion for practical special effects and FX makeup. Don't miss this chance to learn a unique craft and make lifelong friends!

    Join us behind the scenes: See the imaginative creations of our students and explore the creative process of making silicone masks.

    In this film, we take you behind the scenes from the photoshoot of the imaginative creatures our students created during one of our 10-day silicone mask making workshops at Helsinglight FX Academy in Sweden. Our students learn to create their own fantasy creature silicone masks from start to finish during our 10-day silicone mask making workshops. Join our creative community today!

    Learn the art of fantasy creature silicone mask making!

    During this intensive and creative 10-day course in silicone mask making, you will learn many techniques in the art of silicone mask making!
    1. Concept and creature design

    1. Concept and creature design

    You start by finding inspiration for your design and mask, sketching or creating digital mood boards on Pinterest. Find inspiration in nature, the animal kingdom, movies, books, magazines, etc. You will also learn more about silicone as a material and what to consider already in the design part of the process, so that your makeup and design, which you will soon create in clay, will also work when the plaster mold needs to be created a little further down the line.
    2. Sculpt your creature in Chavant clay

    2. Sculpt your creature in Chavant clay

    During this FX makeup course in silicone mask making, you will learn from the beginning how to create a three-dimensional creature sculpted in oil-based chavant clay. You will learn everything from blocking out the form to refining the details. Learn how to avoid problems in the sculpting process so that it doesn't affect your plaster mold that will be cast. You will work with various sculpting tools and learn how to create textures and fine details with different techniques!
    3. Learn how to create a 2-part plaster mold

    3. Learn how to create a 2-part plaster mold

    Mold making is a fantastic craft in itself that should not be underestimated! In this part of the creative process, you will learn how to design and create the best 2-part plaster mold for your clay sculpture. You will learn how to avoid problems and how to create a strong and beautiful plaster mold that will capture every fine detail of your sculpture and future silicone mask.
    4. De-molding and cleaning of plaster mold

    4. De-molding and cleaning of plaster mold

    This is a very exciting part of the creative process, the part when it's time to open your plaster mold and see the "negative" of your mask, meaning the mold that has captured all the details of your clay sculpture. You will learn how to clean and prepare your mold and sculpting bust for the casting of the mask in silicone.
    5. Cast your mask in silicone

    5. Cast your mask in silicone

    In this step, it's time to visualize the final look of your imaginative creature design and learn more about working with silicone as a material. Once the silicone has cured, the mold will be opened and you will see your silicone creation for the first time. You will also learn how to prepare your mask for painting.
    6. Airbrush and handpaint silicone mask

    6. Airbrush and handpaint silicone mask

    The final stage of this intensive and educational course in creating silicone masks is airbrushing and hand-painting your mask! In this step, you create the final details of your vision and bring your character to life with the help of color and decoration. It's a special feeling to paint with silicone colors and see your mask and character come to life.

    7. Professional photoshoot of your silicone mask

    7. Professional photoshoot of your silicone mask

    This course concludes with a photoshoot of your fantasy creature and character, both on the sculpting bust as well if you choose to apply the mask on yourself or a model, add makeup, FX lenses, costume, props, etc. The day when you get to see your creature and the mask you created in its entirety.

    Student reviews

    Read what our students who have attended our courses and training programs at Helsinglight FX Academy makeup school have to say about us and their experience here!
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    Meet our teacher

    FX Artist - Petra Shara Stoor

    FX Artist - Petra Shara Stoor

    Petra Shara Stoor, an artist and FX makeup artist, shares her passion and knowledge with all levels of FX artists, makeup artists, costume designers, creators, artists, hobbyists, and film enthusiasts. As our creative leader and experienced FX teacher at Helsinglight FX Academy makeup school in Sweden, Petra provides the best education, development, and memorable experience for all students. Petra has created makeup, costumes, masks, and characters for various productions and projects throughout her career. Through her teachings, students learn technical skills, experience her passion for creating and learning the craft, think outside the box, get inspired by nature, and learn more about becoming a one of a kind cultural entrepreneur. Students who need help in languages other than Swedish are welcome to participate in our courses. Petra is fluent in Swedish, English, and Finnish, and can also assist in Spanish. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe when taking our courses, regardless of the language they speak.
    Contact Petra

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