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Creating Baba Yaga Hut - Helsinglight Folklore hotell

Creating Baba Yaga Hut - Helsinglight Folklore Hotel

We decided we want to share another creative vision and project of ours that we have been working on and planning for a while. Our work, dreams and goals with Helsinglight is to create an unique and alternative cultural destination. A destination where people from all over the world can come to create, live or visit with unique conference and event possibilities too.

A big dream and goal is to work with the beautiful forest around Helsinglight where we want to create an unique, magical and alternative accommodation for tourists/visitors from all over the world. In all the work we do we are inspired a lot by folklore tales, myths and magical stories, so the accommodation concept also needs to follow this theme.

Therefor, the magical tales and stories will inspire us also in this project of creating "Helsinglight Folklore Hotel". The plan is that there will be a handful of fantasy inspired houses to live in based in the forrest surrounding Helsinglight.

Baba Yaga Hut - House on Chicken legs

The Baba Yaga Hut at Helsinglight

The very first house we're in the planning progress of now, is to build and create the "Baba Yaga hut", inspired by the tale of the witch Baba Yaga, in the Slavic Folklore. There are various versions of the Baba Yaga witch story. Just to give you an insight here is a short summary of Baba Yaga. In this project we will tell you more about this tale, but just to share the idea and inspiration now :)

Most tales of Baba Yaga says that she rides around the dark forest in a giant mortar. She uses a pestle to grind up the bones of the people she eats. When flying, she holds the pestle in her right hand and a broom in her left hand. The pestle works like a rudder that steers her. The broom wipes away all of her trails so that no one can find her.

Baba Yaga is very wise and also said to be the guardian between life and death. She has got the power to help or hurt anyone who crosses her path. Those who seek her wisdom, truth, and knowledge must first complete several tasks. If the tasks are completed, she will give her help. If the tasks are not fulfilled, and the seeker has not found a way to escape, she will cook and eat them.

The witch Baba Yaga lives in the deep dark forest. She lives in a hut that’s more like an animal than a house and it rests on chicken legs so that it can move around in the forest to evade anyone looking for the witch. The windows serve as spying eyes that watch over her forest domain and reports all they see to Baba Yaga. The fence posts around the hut are built out of old human bones. Human skulls sit atop each fence post. When her house moves, it spins while emitting a screeching noise until it comes to settle down with groans and creaks.

So.. imagine, staying the night in Baba Yagas house, in the magical, dark forest surrounding Helsinglight. We want to stay the night there. Do you? 🤩

We will upload more information about this process and creation of Baba Yagas hut at Helsinglight. The journey has started, there is a creative, mind-blowing big job ahead of us, but we will make this happen.

If you're interested to check out some of the inspirational pictures we've got in a moodboard on Pinterest you can do so here:…/baba-yaga-inspiration-house/

Stay tuned!

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