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Vinnaren i grupp 5 - Florian Schäfer - Landets Ande

The winner in group 5 - Florian Schäfer - The Spirit of the land

We're thrilled to present to you that the creative challenger advancing to the finals from group 5 is Florian Schäfer and his ent “The spirit of the land” 🤩This means that Florian has secured a place in the finals where he will be competing for the grand prize of getting crowned Helsinglight Creative Champion as well as to get an exclusive 1 week creative stay at Helsinglight AAiR for two people. 

"The spirit of the land” by Florian Schäfer

Helsinglight Creative Challenge has been such a great experience and creative adventure for so many people. For us at Helsinglight it has been so awesome to see all the creativity flowing and the amazing fantasy creatures created at home during these difficult times that we’re all facing. This challenge has inspired a lot of creative people, it has given their creativity a boost and also created a community of creators that share a great passion for art and creating.

There has been some outstanding work in clay by all the challengers taking part in Helsinglight Creative Challenge and it has always been a tough decision for the jury of Helsinglight to choose the winner in each group. When making the decision for group 5, our jury found that Florians sculpture and creature “The Spirit of the land” was well executed with some intricate details, interesting shapes and great body language of the creature created in clay. Florian managed to capture the feel of a magical, mystical ent - a walking, talking tree.”

Congratulations Florian, we’re excited to see what you will create in the finals of Helsinglight Creative Challenge! 


I totally enjoyed working with a new sculpting medium for the creative challenge of House of Helsinglight! It is fascinating to see the different visions of a theme by other amazing artists and to compete in a fun and friendly environment. Looking forward for future challenges and staying in contact with this amazing community! Thanks a lot for the chance to join.


Memory of the Ground

We remember. 

Since your first steps took your kind from the trees down to earth you walked on us. You took our brood, dug up our surface and even buried the deceased within us. Like leaves fell from the boughs blood flowed down from you and covered the soil for centuries. You took from us, you gave us. Filled us with memories, meaning… and might.

As an unseen fundament of your existence we coexisted below you, breathed the stale air from your lungs and provided the soil for your supremacy. We remained silent, resting. 

We grew up in your shadow, vanished in the circle of seasons and grew stronger. We watched you from thousand eyes, observed every step you took. And with the bodies came understanding. Even when you broke through our skin - searching for the liquid gold deep within our body you wasted not even a single thought on the consequences of your deeds.

Time has changed. 

We listened to the words of the dead. We grew strong and tall. And now for once and for all our time has come. Crawling twigs will whisper the names of the fallen and the spirits of the soil will stretch upward toward the earth surface. Branches will walk when the renascence of our past becomes a living proof of your foolery. We will retrieve what you took from us. We are the spirits of the land. We are many. And we remember.

- Florian Schäfer

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