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Ge bort FX-Makeup, presentkort eller kurs i silikonmasker: Tips till alla hjärtans dag!

Ta bort FX-Makeup, presentkort eller kurs i silikonmasker: Tips till alla hjärtans dag!

Valentine's Day is approaching and many people are looking for the perfect gift. Why not give away something that combines love with artistic creation? Here are our tips for unique and creative gifts, ranging from sculpting with clay, FX-Makeup, tools, books, effectlenses or gift cards to our e-commerce, where the recipient can choose from our large selection of products. Maybe you want to beat the big drum and give away a unique education in creating silicone masks to yourself or someone you care about?

Don't miss our Happy Valentine Offer below for our popular silicone mask making course!

Whatever you choose, let your love show in a new and inspiring way with one of these creative and creative gifts! 

Happy Valentines Offer: SEK 3450 discount on our 10-day course in creating silicone masks 4-14 May 2023!

When it comes to giving gifts to someone you love, especially on Valentine's Day, we all want to give something unique and special. Why not combine love with art and give a gift that conveys your feelings in a creative and unexpected way? If you want to give away a very unique experience, you can give away a course in special effects with us. This gives the recipient the opportunity to learn new techniques and explore their creative side in a new way. Maybe you treat yourself to this gift and opportunity to further develop your knowledge in FX-Makeup!

Happy Valentine Offer: 

If you book a place on our 10-day course in creating silicone masks and the booking reaches us before February 15, 2023, you will receive SEK 3,450 off the course price!
The total price for the course will therefore be SEK 21,500 instead of the regular price of SEK 24,950! We only have 4 Happy Valentines spots available!
Book your place by emailing and enter the code "HAPPY VALENTINE" in the email when you book a place for the course. Or you can read more about the course here and book your place through Eventbrite

Here you will find more information regarding our popular 10-day course in creating silicone masks. Only a few places left!

Give away creative FX products or gift cards!

Sclera Linser Helsinglight webbshop

An appreciated gift is also to buy creative products in our webshop and then write us a message when you check out that you wish to give these away as a gift and we can also wrap the products for you before we send them off.
You can also buy and give one away a gift card to our webshop, which offers a wide range of FX Makeup products, books, tools and effext lenses. The gift card is emailed to you or the recipient directly. The gift card is valid for 2 years and also applies to the purchase of course places.

No matter what you choose, it's thought and consideration that counts when it comes to gift giving, especially on Valentine's Day. So take the chance to surprise the one you love with a magical and artistic gift today from us and show your love in a unique and surprising way!

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