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NärCon närmar sig - köp dina cosplay-linser från Helsinglight!

Get your cosplay lenses from Helsinglight!

We want to tell you more about our wide range of colored effect lenses that are perfect for cosplay, photography, enhancing your fantasy makeup, or for Halloween. Additionally, with the NärCon Gaming and Cosplay Festival just around the corner, it's a good idea to secure your favorite lenses now before they run out of stock and to ensure you receive them in time for the event!

The model in the picture above is wearing:

Princess Pinky Cosplay Cyan Mesh With Rim, crazy-linser

With colored effect and cosplay lenses, you can create a unique and impressive look. Our wide range of lenses includes red, black, white, cat eyes, bloodshot devil eyes, scleral lenses, and crazy lenses. Whether you want an intense and mysterious look, a dramatic and deep effect, or perhaps a playful cat-eye expression, we have something that suits you.

Check out this cool cosplay lenses: Princess Pinky Lunar Earth Green, crazy-linser

princess pinky lunar earth green in anime version and on a model. Text saying "designed to recreate the same sparkling kawaii chibi effect, anime fans and cosplayer can now experience what it is like to have real anime eyes"

Effect lenses are not just for special occasions – they can transform your appearance and aura every day. You can enhance your natural eye color, create a supernatural or unsettling look, or simply add that extra touch to make you stand out.

Here are some of the effect lenses we have in our range:

Red lenses: Perfect for creating an intense and mysterious look for your cosplay. Red lenses can also give you a vampire or demonic aura. You can find them here: Vassen Super Bright Red, färgade linser

Black lenses: Give your eyes a dramatic and deep look. Black lenses are popular among cosplay fans who want to create a dark and enigmatic character.
You can find them here:  Vassen Barbie Circle Black, färgade linser

White lenses: Transform your eyes into a ghostly or supernatural shimmer. White lenses can give you an eye-white effect that truly makes you stand out. You can find the white lenses pictured here:

Princess Pinky Cosplay White Out, crazy-linser

Cat eyes:
Looking for a fun and playful look? Cat eye lenses are perfect for giving you that iconic cat-eye expression and can be used for a variety of cosplay characters. Check out the lenses for these cat eyes here, available in multiple colors:

Princess Pinky Devilish Demon Eye Yellow, crazy-linser

Bloodshot devil eyes: Perfect for Halloween or if you want to create a scary or sinister look. These lenses give you a terrifying and dramatic appearance. You can find them here: Princess Pinky Cosplay Bloodshot Drops, crazy-linser.

Scleral lenses: If you want a truly dramatic transformation, then scleral lenses are for you. They cover the entire visible portion of the eye and create an impressive effect that will make you stand out at the cosplay event.

Check out the lenses here: Princess Pinky Frozen Zombie, Sclera-linser

Crazy lenses: With crazy lenses, you can let your creativity run wild. Choose from various patterns and colors to create a completely unique and fantastic look, such as these lenses pictured here:

EOS Cosplay Spiral Black White F15

    All the lenses we sell are marked with quality certifications including KDFA, CE, KGMP, and ISO, ensuring their safety and high quality.

    The lenses are available in different sizes to suit your needs:

    • 14 mm: Normal size, covering the iris for a subtle change in your appearance.
    • 15 mm: Perfect for a "doll eyes" effect, giving you larger-looking eyes.
    • 17 mm: Miniscleral lenses, covering a significant portion of the eye for a more dramatic effect.
    • 22 mm: Scleral lenses, covering the entire visible part of the eye for an impressive and intense look.

    Remember to take care of your lenses using lens solution to clean and protect them when not in use. And to all of you attending NärCon, we wish you a fantastic cosplay festival!

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