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Gunnar Greiber konstutställning på Helsinglight konsthall

Gunnar Greiber art exhibition at Helsinglight Art Gallery

The old school house in Vattlång is currently owned by Petra Shara Stoor and Fredrik Fernlund and goes under the name Helsinglight. It also used to be the artistic residency, art studio and gallery to the renowned Swedish artist Gunnar Greiber and his wife and artist Else Nyström Greiber. A tribute art exhibition to Gunnar Greiber will be organised in Nordanstig and Helsinglight Art Gallery will be part of this joint exhibition and exhibit artwork from their art collection by Gunnar Greiber.

Gunnar Greiber, 1919-2011

The artist Gunnar Greiber was born in 1919 and grew up in Stockholm. In 1958 he bought a small house in Gnarp, Nordanstig municipality and for fifty years he was active as an artist here. He owned several big buildings and art studios in Nordanstig municipality, amongst them Grängsjö old school and Vattlång old school (currently Helsinglight) where he had regular art exhibitions.

When Gunnar Greiber passed away in 2011 and his wife Else Nyström Greiber passed away in 2016 their last will stated that they wanted to donate about a thousand artworks and just over 1.3 million Swedish kronor in shares and cash to Nordanstig municipality.

A new fund has therefor been set up and assigned the task of managing the collection and funds. Gunnar Greiber's donation fund and wishes was for it to promote the art and cultural work of artists in Nordanstig in memory of the artist Gunnar Greiber. Of the donated artworks, most are painted by Gunnar Greiber, but some are also painted by Else Nyström Greiber.

The exhibition with Gunnar Greibers Artworks starts October 6 and ends November 2, 2018. The artwork will be exhibited in eight different places in the municipality and Helsinglight Art Gallery will be one of the art galleries exhibiting Gunnar Greibers artwork during set dates in October. Petra and Fredrik owns a collection of Gunnar Greibers artwork and will exhibit some of these artworks in the art gallery.

Gunnar Greiber art exhibition at Helsinglight Art Gallery is open the following dates and times:

  • Sunday 7th October, 1pm - 4 pm
  • Saturday 13th October, 1pm - 4 pm
  • Sunday 14th October, 1pm - 4 pm
  • Saturday 20th October, 1pm - 4 pm
  • Sunday 21st October, 1 pm - 4 m

Free admission.

Location: Vattlång 114, Ilsbo, Sweden

The meeting between artists Gunnar Greiber & Petra Shara Stoor

Petra Shara Stoor who also paints acrylic paintings and creates taxidermy artwork (Skulls & Bones Artwork) will also exhibit some of her skull artwork alongside Greiber in the art gallery. When Gunnar and Else passed away Petra and Fredrik bought the old school house in Vattlång and started working on their dream to turn it into a creative, artistic haven and resort of their own. Unfortunately they never got to meet Gunnar or Else but the house continues to be an artistic residency in Petras and Fredriks hands.

Since there was never a meeting in life between the artist Gunnar Greiber and Petra Shara Stoor, they will meet in art instead in this joint exhibition. So, in a way this will be a meeting between two artists that never got to meet in life, but meet in art. A handover from one artist to another. Where Gunnar Greiber finished his creation and life work as an artist in Vattlång, Petra Shara Stoor took over and continues the artistic work at Helsinglight.

Welcome to Helsinglight Art Gallery!

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