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House of Helsinglight - mitt ute i ett kreativt överallt

House of Helsinglight - in the middle of creative everywhere

Helsinglight - A creative haven in the heart of Hälsingland, Sweden. Explore and experience unique artwork and events. Learn the art of makeup and effects.

Helsinglight SFX Makeup Academy Helsinglight SFX Makeup Academy is based in Nordanstig municipality in the mid north of Sweden. We organise our 10-day creative silicone mask making workshops in a small village called “Jättendal”. In the future our workshops will be held in “Vattlång” another small village in Nordanstig municipality. Our old school is based there but undergoing renovations, so in the meantime we organise our workshops nearby where we live, in Jättendal. In another school. 

Why do we organise our workshops in Jättendal, in the “middle of nowhere”? Well, for so many reasons. First of all, we beg to differ that Jättendal is in the middle of nowhere. We believe Jättendal is in fact in the middle of “creative everywhere”!

We think of the countryside as a creative haven and an inspirational retreat, away from all the buzz and stress one can experience in the big cities. We believe the countryside is a great place for artistic adventures and workshops. A place where your creativity will fully boost and where you will find yourself in a process of reconnecting with yourself, with the seasons, the nature, the people and the world around you. The inspiration found in nature and with like-minded people during a workshop like this cannot be underestimated.

One must also be more creative with coming up with things to do when you live or spend time out in the country. There are not coffee shops, cinemas, pubs, clubs, theatres etc around every corner. If you live in the countryside you rely more on outdoor-oriented activities for entertainments, such as walks, horseback riding, skiing, swimming etc.

When attending a creative, intense 10-day workshop like this, by the end of the day most of the students find themselves rather tired after a full day of creative activity, so there is no need for a city buzz or great outdoor activities. On the contrary, the peace and quiet in the countryside allows them to recharge their creative battery. Just simply hanging out together, watch a movie or two, enjoy some good food, dwell into creative talks and making new likeminded friends for life is more than enough.

If you fancy a bit of sightseeing there will be one day off during the workshop if someone wishes to experience a bit of the city buzz or an outdoor activity that day. The cities Hudiksvall and Sundsvall is easily accessible by car, bus or train, about 30-45 min away from the workshop location.

Travelling to Helsingligh If you travel from abroad we recommend that you fly to Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. From there you can rent a car and drive 3,5h north to our location, or take a train from Arlanda Airport to Hudiksvall city (about 2,5 hours by train) and we will further guide you with bus connections or organise to pick you up there.

Accommodation during the SFX Makeup workshop Please let us know if you need accommodation during the workshop and we can help you out with various options for accommodation near the workshop area. If you have got any questions regarding our workshops, travelling, accommodation or anything else that comes to mind. Don’t hesitate to ask, just send an email with your questions to and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Hope to see you in Jättendal at Helsinglight SFX Makeup Academy!

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