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Helsinglight silicone mask making class Fx Makeup kurs

Now we are at it again! Aim for a creative and innovative 2023!

Now we're on G again here at House of Helsinglight! Whoop whoop! After the pandemic, we entered the parental bubble where we welcomed our son Vidar into the world in January 2022. A lot has happened since then and in the last few years. We have not only had time to become parents of two children to the world's cutest Liv (4 years) and Vidar (10 months). In the spring of 2021, we also moved permanently to Vattlång and now we both live and work here in our magical crow castle and also old school in Vattlång, where our business has its core. It feels absolutely fantastic! Our creative oasis that we love to share with you; Helsinglight - a "Creative Escape" in the heart of northern Hälsingland!

We have not only been in the parental bubble for the past year, we have also worked on a lot behind the scenes where our creative cauldrons are now bubbling to the brim. Now we're opening the lid and starting serving the appetizer like this right at the end of 2022! We are now launching our new platform for our webshop! Hurray! In the webshop you will find a wonderful selection of our favorite products in FX Makeup and special effects that we enjoy working with when we create FX Makeup and artistic works.

FX Makeup silicone mask making class Helsinglight

We are sneaking a start by opening our new webshop now and the range and our stock is constantly growing - so keep an eye out for product news that is launched continuously and if you sign up for our newsletter you will get a 15% discount on your first order in the shop! Our goal is to become your "Go-To" when it comes to creative creation and FX products. We want to help you with tips, tricks, product information, inspiration and share with us work in progress, product recommendations and reviews, course information! all! Don't miss anything - sign up now to receive our newsletter and join us on the journey!

In 2023 we will also be back with our course and training activities within SFX Makeup! We will launch dates and prices for our courses in early 2023 and the goal is to start the first opportunity in the spring/summer of 2023! More info to come!

FX Makeup silicone mask making class Helsinglight

As I said, we're lifting the lid a bit now on everything that's going on here at House of Helsinglight! When we get started "for real" with the main course and the dessert, it will one day be a dignified table we invite you to which is filled with a range of exciting FX educations and courses, a wide and qualitative range of products within SFX Makeup and special effects in the online shop and on site in our store. We will organize creative conferences and magical events, and you can also hire our imaginative beings for the company party, event, party, etc.

FX Makeup silicone mask making class Helsinglight

We hope you all had a great 2022 and that you welcome the creative 2023 with us! Do you have questions about any products, courses or anything else? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Petra Shara Stoor Fx Artist House of Helsinglight

Creative Greetings

Petra & Fredrik

House of Helsinglight

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