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Skulptera med Chavant-lera!

Sculpt with Chavant clay!

Now we're going full blast with our e-commerce! We are so excited! We have many plans, we are continuously updating with new products and will also start sharing tips and news here in the blog. The first thing I want to recommend is one of my personal favorite products, the amazing Chavant clay. I love working with it, whether it's to create and sculpt cool characters that will then be cast to become full masks in silicone, or to sculpt loose parts (flatmoulds), or small mini-sculptures, so-called "maquettes" in clay. The clay can also be used to sculpt various shapes and figures in different sizes, which you then make a cast of and create a final product in another material.

Baba Yaga in Chavant Clay

The Chavant clay is available in different hardnesses, where our favorites that we have also chosen to sell with us are " Chavant Medium " and " Chavant Hard ". The one that is medium is a little softer to work with from the start and does not require as much heat or handling to soften it. The version that is harder requires more heat and handling with the hands to keep it in an easy shape to work with. The advantage of Chavant clay Medium is that it is a little easier to work with, especially if you are a beginner. Both variants hold up very well for detail work, but there the hard variant is slightly sharper. The hardness of the "Chavant Hard" clay means that you can more easily make fine details, without compromising that what you are sculpting changes its shape, or if you accidentally bump into it. I love working with both varieties, and depending on the job I'm going to do, I choose clay. For example, if I am going to sculpt a larger character that will become a mask, I choose to work with medium. Should I make a slightly smaller sculpture where I want strength in the clay, as well as to work with fine details without worry, then I choose the harder version.

Properties of Chavant clay

The Chavant clay has an incredible number of good properties and belongs to the finest type of oil-based sculpting clay available. It is used by artists and FX artists worldwide. As I said, the clay is oil-based, which means that it does not dry out. This means you can use it again and again for new projects. A big advantage is that you don't have to "stress" your way through a job because you're afraid that the clay will have time to dry, you can stress-free pause your work and continue creating when the time is available again. The clay is used by heating it to the appropriate temperature and it can even be melted down completely to create different effects.

  • Sulfur-free, which makes it extremely suitable for work with silicone, since silicone and sulfur cannot be used together at all. Silicone just doesn't like sulfur.
  • very low odor, and certified as non-toxic by the Art and Craft Materials Institute
  • The clay should be heated so that it becomes softer, and the ideal is somewhere around 40-55 degrees.
  • The clay can be completely melted down, so you can even brush it on, or pour it over what you're sculpting to create different effects. (but be careful not to burn yourself, the clay gets very hot when it reaches higher temperatures around 80 degrees)
  • You can use it again and again, for new projects. It does not dry out and is also a good investment in that way as it lasts for many projects.
  • The easiest way to heat the clay in my opinion is in a warming box or oven, where you can control the heat of the unit and the clay. Heating the clay in the microwave is not something I recommend. It is also good to heat clay in a water bath with a double boiler, or to heat it with a hair dryer or heat gun during the work to warm up/soften different areas. Again, be careful not to burn yourself in the work process.
  • This is a clay that suits EVERYONE - beginners to more experienced. The clay invites you to dare to try, experiment and learn during the process, because it is just so forgiving in that it does not dry out.
  • The clay is a much appreciated gift to give, along with any sculpting tool. Giving a creative gift is certainly something that is appreciated in these times.

If you haven't tried sculpting with the Chavant clay, do it! I almost dare to promise you that you will not be disappointed, but just as in love with this product as I am!

// Petra

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