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Vinnaren i grupp 4: Carla Owen och ugglan "Owlfred"

The winner in group 4: Carla Owen and the owl "Owlfred"

We're thrilled to present to you that the creative challenger advancing to the finals from group 4 is Carla Owen and her owl “Owlfred”. 🤩 This means that Carla has secured a place in the finals where she will be competing for the grand prize of getting crowned Helsinglight Creative Champion as well as to get an exclusive one week creative stay at Helsinglight AAiR for two people.

Words from the Helsinglight Jury

We love seeing all the awesome creatures and outstanding work in clay by the challengers taking part in Helsinglight Creative Challenge. It has truly been more than we ever could have hoped for and also to hear all the great feedback from the ones taking part in the challenge, how much it has inspired them and sparked their creativity.

When making the decision, our jury found that Carlas sculpture and creature “Owlfred” was very well executed. This sculpture is beautifully finished, with such intricate details, a stunning mix of texture in her sculpting work and she really managed to capture the feel of “actual clothing” on the owl. We also love the servant mouse and other accessories as well as the great mix of other material in her finished piece. The body language of “Owlfred” is great, it is telling the story on its own. Carla managed to create a fantasy owl sculpture with a very magical expression!

Congratulations Carla, we’re excited to see what you will create in the finals of Helsinglight Creative Challenge! 


This is Owlfred, the very Gentlemanly Owl. In the Highlands Scotland  he was raised but has since traveled the world on a quest for new discoveries. In his later years he returned to his native Scotland to seek his fortune in the lichen gin brewing trade.

By creating his outstanding green liquor he was able to buy a modest house where he could cultivate his vast collection of artifacts from all over the world. Gold coins found beneath the great pyramids of Egypt, the skeleton of his extinct ancestor the terrifying Owlodont, as  well as his large collection of tombs and scrolls.

His collection of books has grown so much over the years he has turned it into somewhat of library where scholars come from all over to research the various topics that Owlfred has found interest in over his lifetime. In his newly found spare time Owlfred enjoys the irony of bird watching as well as sessions of wine tasting with his old Chums. But nothing can beat the feeling of sitting in his study on a windswept Sunday morning in Scotland, a fire cracking in the corner and his favourite batch of Lichen gin being served to him on a silver platter by his latest butler. He has had many rodent servants over the years but a lot of the time he just cannot resist the temptation of a quick snack after he’s been served his drink...

Sculpture & Storytelling by Carla Owen

Instagram: @carla_owen_creations
Facebook: Carla Owen Creations

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