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Välkommen Emma från Storbritannien som vår första Workawayer på Helsinglight!

Welcoming Emma from UK as our first Workawayer at Helsinglight!

A while ago we announced that we would like to offer the opportunity to apply to come for a workaway experience at Helsinglight. We were happily surprised to get so many interesting people from all over Europe applying to be part of our workaway! Since this is a new experience for us too we decided to try this out with one person to start with and we chose Emma Davenport from Cheshire UK to be the first one to be part of our Workaway program.

Emma sent a great application to us so we decided to send her an invitation to join us this summer as our first workawayer! We're very excited about this and Emma will be joining us in beginning of June! We will keep you updated of how it all goes and if/when more workaway opportunities opens up at Helsinglight!

So who is Emma Davenport?

We wanted to know a bit more about Emma since we also want to share this workaway journey with you all. We sent a few questions to Emma to get to know her a bit better and find out more why she applied to become a workawayer at Helsinglight. This is what Emma has got to say:

Name: Emma Davenport
Age: 23 years old
Lives: Cheshire UK
Degree in special effects for film and television

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, (where you live, what you do, hobbies, skills etc)

A: I live in a small town in Cheshire, I graduated from Bolton university last year gaining a degree in special effects and have been keeping myself busy in my workshop I created in my shed, from sculpting to wood burning.

Q: How did you find out about Helsinglight?

A: I have been following Helsinglight on Facebook for a while now, and have kept up to date with the students work and the art galleries.

Q: Why did you want to take part in our work away project? (Have you done a work away before? )

A: I have never done a workaway before, but working with other artists to create a space filled with outstanding work sounded amazing!

Q: Any particular skills you’ve got that will come in handy when helping us out with our project Helsinglight?

A: While I was at university I gained many skills that will help me, I am confident in painting and DIY and I’ve done all sorts from sanding through to silicone special effects work.

Q: What is creativity to you?

A: Creativity is freedom for me, I can imagine something, concept it, and then fabricate it and I love that!

Q: What are your dreams and future vision for yourself?

A: My dream is to progress in the special effects industry, wether that be working on film and tv or teaching.

Q: Have you visited Sweden before or what do you know about Sweden/our location in the countryside?

A: I have never visited Sweden but it looks like such a beautiful place, the country looks lovely, and I’m intrigued to see how light it stays during the night as I’ve heard it always looks like daylight in Summer.

Q: What do you look forward to when spending time with us at Helsinglight?

I’m looking forward to experiencing a new culture, trying the local foods and beers and spending time with some great people whilst creating a great work space.

Q:  When will you arrive and how long will you stay for?

A: My flight is on the 5th June, I will be staying anything up to 8 weeks.

Q: How would your friends describe your personality?

A: I had to ask my friends this question and they responded saying I’m very bubbly and outgoing with a motherly nature. I’ve been told I’ve got one of those faces where people want to start a conversation with me.

Q: What are you afraid of?

A:  I’m a very jumpy person, but I’m not afraid of much. I am genuinely terrified of small spaces though.

Q: What food do you love?

A: Pizza, I could eat pizza every day, no matter the topping.

Q: What Music do you listen to?

A: I will listen to anything really, heavy metal and rap are my favourite genres though.

Q: Best movie?

AJurassic Park, I absolutely love dinosaurs

Q: What won’t you travel without?

A I wouldn’t travel without my phone, I need to take pictures!

We're looking forward to welcoming Emma aboard team Helsinglight in June for the Workaway program!

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