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Iwata Lube, Lubricant Airbrush

by Iwata
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Iwata Lube Premium Airbrush Lubricant keeps the parts in your airbrush moving so that there are smooth movements for optimal performance. Iwata Lube is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and not harmful to the skin. "Iwata Lube Premium Airbrush Lubricant keeps your airbrush parts moving smoothly for optimal performance. Maintaining its viscosity on the needle packing and air valve O-ring, Iwata Lube is silicone free and does not evaporate after being applied."

  • Features

    • Lubricant to keep your airbrush in top shape
    • Retains its viscosity
    • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, not harmful to the skin
    • Does not contain silicones
    • 10 ml
  • Usage

    Lubricate the needle and trigger mechanism regularly to ensure a smooth trigger. Remove the airbrush needle and apply a few drops and coat the needle with a high quality grease (such as Super Lube); Then wipe the needle with a soft, clean cloth, leaving only a smaller and lighter layer of grease on the needle. Put the needle back into your airbrush and tighten the needle nut again.