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The Walking Dead Volume 5: Offense is the best defense

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    In The Walking Dead Volume 5 – Offense is the Best Defense – Rick and Glenn see a helicopter crash some distance from the prison. Together with Michonne, they set out to search for survivors. What they find is not what they expected…

    Foreword by Johanna Koljonen

    "You can never be truly happy! I often think that when I read The Walking Dead. Every little moment of silence or peace that is glimpsed always immediately slips out of the characters' hands. Still, the series does not degenerate into misery pornography. The events are too realistic, the characters' psychological reactions fascinatingly believable.

    People ask how many albums I've read and I answer one, or three, or four. Regardless of the number, the answer is always an appreciative nod followed by a sigh and comments of the type "it goes to hell, of course". I suspected it. That it goes to hell is a big part of the series' appeal. There is something slightly satisfying about giving in to one's fatalistic belief that this society we have built is not sustainable. To fantasize about how all the deep injustices, all our alienation, our isolation from each other in the name of harmful comfort and apparent safety could be knocked out in one zombie apocalyptic blow. But that there would still always be some small scrap of people struggling on somewhere.

    The only problem is that in that case that human waste must rebuild its society and it is not immediately obvious that in that case it would take place according to utopian principles. Therefore, we read The Walking Dead as one reads one's own face in a mirror in the harsh morning light of a hangover."

    - Johanna Koljonen

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    Original title
    The best defence
    The Walking Dead
    The Walking Dead volume 5. Offense is the best defense
    Sara Arestedt
    Johan Kimrin
    Cliff Rathburn
    Robert Kirkman
    Charlie Adlard

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