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Milliput epoxy putty

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  • Description

    Explore this amazing product, Milliput - a two-component epoxy putty perfect for modeling and sculpting. With the black variant, you can create impressive shadows and depth in your sculptures and dioramas. The white variant, similar to Milliput Standard, is ideal for creating finer and more detailed pieces across various applications. Milliput is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of modeling and hobby projects. Add details to miniature figures, repair and fill gaps, and create textured surfaces. Milliput is easy to work with, dries to a hard and durable finish, and can be easily sanded, drilled, and painted once cured.

    Each package contains two separate bars weighing 56g, with one being the hardener. By mixing equal parts of each bar, the material will begin to harden and fully cure within 90 minutes. Afterward, you can easily cut, sand, drill, and shape it as needed.

    If you need to take a break while working with Milliput, simply store it in the freezer and resume your work later. The product will retain its consistency for up to 24 hours after being frozen.

    Unleash your creativity with Milliput! Order today and start shaping your imaginative creations.

  • Features

    • 114 g in total (56 g in each bar)
    • In combination with water will allow getting extra smooth surfaces.
    • It allows you easily to merge new layers of milliput over
      It will not get stuck to your either your fingers or your tools
    • Once dried, it can be carved, sanded, and drilled
    • Once dried, it remains very hard and resistant.
    • You may mix it with Plasticine or other clays to save putty reducing it hardness.
    • Heat resistance up to 130ºC