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Grimas Scar Wax Complete Set

by Grimas
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  • Description

    Create cool and realistic wounds and injuries with this complete product kit - Grimas Scar Wax Complete Set! Perfect to buy as a gift or Christmas present for someone who loves special effects and wants to learn more or start experimenting a bit! Unleash your creativity with this versatile Scar Wax - a transparent, easy-to-mold wax perfect for creating lifelike deformations and wounds. This user-friendly wax adheres well to the skin and is easy to apply and remove, making it suitable for all ages. Want to add some color? Simply mix in a bit of Crème Make-up or Special Effects Powder for a customized look. This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to bring your most imaginative effects to life.

  • Features:

    • 1 x SCAR WAX 25 ml: The foundation of your creations, providing a flexible base for all shapes and designs.
    • 1 x DERMA WAX SPATULA: For precise application and modeling of the wax.
    • 1 x BLOOD 8 ml: Add a touch of realism with this lifelike blood.
    • 1 x STOPPEL SPONGE: Ideal for textured effects and blending.
    • 2 x WATER MAKE-UP PURE A1 (2.5 ml) in shades 101 and 504: These vibrant colors will bring your effects to life.
    • 1 x BRUSHES IMITATION MONGOOSE IMP4: For detailed application and the finishing touch.