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Grimas Mastix Watersoluble Skin Glue

by Grimas
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  • Description

    Grimas Watersoluble Mastix is ​​a skin adhesive that can be removed with water. Grimas water-soluble skin glue is used for gluing wool crab beards and moustaches, sequins etc. for children or those who do not wish to use Grimas Mastix Extra . Grimas Water-soluble should absolutely not be used near or above the eyes. If you wish to use Mastix Watersoluble for other applications (such as gluing other materials to the skin), we cannot guarantee safe use and it is your own responsibility to test the intended use first. Water-soluble Mastix is available in a 10ml bottle and a 100ml flask, each supplied with an applicator brush.

  • Usage

    • 10 ml or 100 ml
    • Water soluble skin glue
    • Wash off with soap and water
    • Bottle with brush
  • Use


    1. Glue on the skin where you want the selected product to be glued to sit.
    2. Let dry for about 10 seconds. A good sign that the adhesive is ready for the product to be applied is that the adhesive "threads" when you touch it.
    3. If you want to be really sure that the product will stick, put some glue on the product as well.
    4. Do not use the product near the eyes


    1. Remove the Mastix Watersoluble skin adhesive with soap and water and possibly some skin cleanser.


    • Store Mastix skin glue dry and cool.