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Grimas Velour Powder Puff

by Grimas
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  • Description

    Experience a touch of luxury with Grimas Velour Powder Puff, the ultimate tool for applying your favourite powder. This powder puff is designed with an inner foam sponge for perfect dosage and smooth application. Each powder puff also has a detachable velour cover that creates a soft, velvety feel against your skin. Intended for both loose and compact powders, Grimas Velour Powder Puff makes it easy to achieve an even and natural finish. It strives to provide you with the best application experience. The Velour Powder Puff has a diameter of 10 cm.

  • Features

    • Powder puff for application of loose and compact powders,
    • diameter 10 cm.

  • Usage


    1. Use a clean Velour Powder Puff to pick up loose (or compact) powder from the box
    2. tap off excess powder on your hand
    3. apply the powder with gentle dabbing motions.