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The Walking Dead Volume 12: The Townhouse Effect

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    The series success continues in this 12th volume of The Walking Dead - the model for the TV series of the same name. In this volume, the survivors become aware again of what it is like to live "normally"...

    Foreword by Frank Swain

    "This far into The Walking Dead, the cause of the outbreak is still unknown. Maybe it's a divine curse. Maybe it's due to biological weapons. Maybe it's that Earth's battered ecosystem has devised its own punishment in the form of a new parasite. Parasites have developed advanced and often incredible ways of manipulating to get their way. They can affect our mood, our choices, our mental health - and probably much more. And the chances are that you already have one inside you. The fear of being zombified has always been about the fear of losing our sanity, our identity, our humanity. But the truth is that our humanity is not fully human. Your identity, your inner voice somehow generated by the billions of cells in your body is… well, what I'm trying to say is that not all of these cells are human. So if you're trying to find a real zombie – start by looking at yourself in the mirror."

    - Frank Swain


    "It is impressive, to say the least, to use the comic book medium in such a way as to make the action sequences seem more intense than in the television adaptation."

    - Ulf Nilsson,

  • Information

    Page count 144
    Media type Stapled
    Weight 394 g
    Language Swedish
    Measure 169 x 258 x 11 mm
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    Series The Walking Dead
    Released 2014-10-23
    ISBN 9789187877124
    Title The Walking Dead Volume 12. The Townhouse Effect
    Editor Johan Kimrin
    Illustrator Stina Helmet
    Author Robert Kirkman
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard
    Translator Sara Arestedt

    Apart Publishers