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The Walking Dead Volume 15: A Second Chance

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    In this 15th volume of Robert Kirkman's zombie epic, Rick learns that Alexandria is not the only "functioning" society.

    Foreword by Jonas Gardell

    "The test results were not good. The test results showed that I had a weakened immune system, and a weakened immune system was one of the symptoms of being infected with the new disease, the one called the bubonic plague.

    If you were infected, you had an average of two years left to live.

    The doctor said: You have to accept that you have the disease.

    In other words: You must count on having a maximum of two years left.

    There are things that cannot be undone.

    Something you do or are exposed to that changes everything forever.

    A world where everything is late.

    Where nothing can be done completely again.

    Life is so ruthlessly constructed that afterwards everything is too late."

    - Jonas Gardell

  • Information

    Series The Walking Dead
    Weight 398 g
    Original title Volume 15: We Find Ourselves
    Page count 144
    Media type Stapled
    ISBN 9789187877155
    Language Swedish
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    Measure 169 x 258 x 11 mm
    Released 2015-09-25
    Title The Walking Dead Volume 15. A Second Chance
    Illustrator Cliff Rathburn
    Author Robert Kirkman
    Editor Johan Kimrin
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard
    Preface Jonas Gardell
    Translator Sara Arestedt

    Apart Publishers