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The Walking Dead Volume 16: A New Hope

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    In this 16th volume of Robert Kirkman's zombie epic, Rick and the others encounter a group calling themselves the Saviors.

    Foreword by Markus Uvell

    "In the absence of a functioning state and rule of law, competing legal systems naturally arise, and a kind of armed consensus ensures the possibility of trading with each other for mutual benefit.

    Not even the most hardened, violent maniac can manage without being able to vent once in a while. The need to find moments, areas and company of calm becomes enormous. A chance to lay down the weapons.

    So I think that all of us, regardless of our possible outlook on life or political opinion, can find some extra comfort in this particular edition of The Walking Dead. Even under the most terrible circumstances, it is there: the desire to find a way to live peacefully together. To cooperate and trade with each other, simply because we all benefit from it.

    Yes, everyone except the zombies then"

    - Marcus Uvell


    "The Walking Dead is about the hopelessness of the quest to survive (there is nothing to live for) and about grasping at straws in the search for meaning. But then it wouldn't be The Walking Dead if it didn't also contain a glimmer of hope ."
    -Hanna Fjällman,

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    Language Swedish
    Measure 169 x 258 x 11 mm
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB 
    Weight 399 g
    Series The Walking Dead 
    ISBN 9789187877162
    Page count 144 
    Media type Stapled
    Title The Walking Dead Volume 16. A New Hope 
    Released 2015-11-22
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard 
    Translator Sara Arestedt
    Author Robert Kirkman 
    Illustrator Johan Wanloo
    Editor Johan Kimrin

    Apart Publishers