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The Walking Dead Volume 18: Negan's Revenge

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    Now the world opens up for Rick and the other survivors. New communities are found with which it is possible to cooperate. But Negan puts it…

    "A few words about Negan, because he's an interesting character: just like the Governor, the previous clearly evil character, he terrorizes Rick's group to the extreme. But they are by no means carbon copies because the world of the series has evolved, and the Governor belongs to the older version .He was an almost theatrical scoundrel, with gladiatorial games for the people, without a thought for tomorrow; he was, in short, a representative of the death throes of civilization.

    Negan, on the other hand, represents something new: the world after the disaster, but where tomorrow is included in the calculations. He is the "smart" street bully, someone who is completely ruthless in getting his way, but he is also aware of how people work psychologically, how to get others to help themselves (even if they don't really want to). He is the gang leader who not only makes sure that his companions get what they want, but also that those he terrorizes continue to make sure that supplies are always available - and that they are "voluntarily" handed over to him. In other words, he understands the benefit of an orderly society, but he prefers that he himself be the leader and that his gunslingers should not have to do the real work - and therefore becomes a much greater threat to Rick and the others; he threatens not only their lives, but also the hope of a future, that it would be possible to slowly build a better world again."

    - From Simon Wigzell's reflection on after Negan entered the acclaimed series The Walking Dead - the model for the TV hit of the same name.

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    Measure 169 x 258 x 11 mm
    Weight 455 g
    Series The Walking Dead
    Manufacturer Apart Publishing AB
    ISBN 9789187877186
    Page count 144
    Language Swedish
    Released 2016-09-25
    Title The Walking Dead Volume 18. Negan's Revenge
    Translator Sara Arestedt
    Author Robert Kirkman
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard

    Apart Publishers