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The Walking Dead Volume 4: Lusts of the Flesh

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    In this volume, a reader favorite appears: Michonne, with two armless zombies on a leash. But her presence affects the group in several ways, leading to a total discharge…

    "At Night I Fly". The similarities between the situation of the prisoners in the film and our friends in The Walking Dead are many and obvious. But the differences are also endless. Who exactly are the living dead? In his foreword, Michel Wenzer writes, among other things, as follows:

    Foreword by Michel Wenzer

    We have reached volume 4 of The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes and his small band of survivors have locked themselves in a prison, besieged by the living dead. The roles are reversed, the "others" are suddenly on the outside. The horror scenario that is painted is dystopian and dramatic. But is it really quite as incredible as it seems at first glance?
    The situation is reminiscent of a USA where the rich shut themselves up in so-called "gated communities", increasingly afraid of the reality they themselves have created - but do not want to see.

    I personally feel a chill run down my spine as Kirkman's story slowly but surely shifts from the dystopian to the prophetic. Like Rick, you want to grab your fellow humans and shout: "Don't you get it? Every minute we live is a minute we steal from them!”

    Rick Grimes speaks directly to us when he says: - The second we dropped a hammer in one of those faces, or chopped off a head. Then we became what we are! It is us. We are the living dead!

    - Michel Wenzer

    From Michel Wenzer's foreword to this fourth collected volume of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead comic book adaptation of the television hit of the same name. Michel Wenzer won the 2012 Guldbagge for best documentary with his prison film At Night I Fly.

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    The Walking Dead
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    The Heart's Desire 
    The Walking Dead Volume 4. Lusts of the Flesh 
    Johan Kimrin
    Robert Kirkman 
    Charlie Adlard
    Tony Cronstam 
    Sara Arestedt

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