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The Walking Dead Volume 6: Total Damn Darkness

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    Robert Kirkman's zombie epic, drawn by Charlie Adlard , reaches new levels in this sixth volume. Anyone who has only seen the TV series will be surprised. In the animated version, the events, people and deaths differ slightly from the television version. But above all, Kirkman does not allow himself to be censored in his comic book...

    Foreword by Ann Heberlein

    "Nobody will be surprised to learn that most daydreams are about sex - that's where our thoughts and fantasies usually end up when we let them run wild. Almost as often, revenge is fantasized about: 80?% of all women and 90?% of all men fantasize about killing someone they don't like, especially love rivals, stepparents, and great-granddaughters of various kinds.We fantasize about giving back, hitting back, getting revenge, making the odd even.

    Modern sayings about revenge satisfy a need in people. The legends give us the opportunity to give vent to forbidden feelings of revenge without being burdened by feelings of guilt. The vindictiveness can act as a defense against feelings of shame, guilt, loss and grief by directing the anger outwards instead of inwards. The weak become strong and the wicked get what they deserve. At least in the wonderful world of fiction: so now sit back and enjoy a moment's revelry in gory morality. Think of it as therapy!”

    - Ann Heberlein

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    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    Original title This sad life
    Series The Walking Dead
    Page count 144
    Measure 169 x 259 x 11 mm
    Media type Stapled
    ISBN 9789197959278
    Language Swedish
    Weight 400 g
    Released 2013-03-24
    Title The Walking Dead volume 6. Total bloody darkness
    Illustrator Daniel Thollin
    Illustrator Ola Skogäng
    Translator Sara Arestedt
    Author Robert Kirkman
    Author Cliff Rathburn
    Author Charlie Adlard
    Editor Johan Kimrin

    Apart Publishers