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The Walking Dead Volume 8: The Storm

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    The series success continues. The Walking Dead has dominated the US sales charts in recent years: in 2012, 7 of the top 10 spots were a The Walking Dead volume. In this 8th volume, the Governor is back - with a smaller army too.

    Foreword by Sara Bergmark Elfgren

    "Killing him made me realize one thing – made me see how much I've changed. I was a police officer – my job was to uphold the law.

    Now I feel more like a lawless savage – an animal.

    Rick puts into words a feeling that many of the characters in The Walking Dead share: beneath the civilized surface of man lurks a beast. Without society's laws and rules, man turns into a drooling beast. The wild. A grunting caveman who clubs down his rivals
    and takes what he wants.

    Perhaps, in a sense, you can say that it is civilization that has turned us into drooling beasts? If so, it is the brutality of contemporary man that is laid bare in The Walking Dead. I think there is something in it. And I think that's one reason why the series is so captivating and terrifying."

    - Sara Bergmark Elfgren


    "It's one of the darkest, if not the darkest, so far in the series. It hurts to read it. And no, I'm not kidding. It hurts the hell out of me."
    - Jonas Knutsson,

    "The fact that one of the best horror series on the market right now has become even better does not make matters worse."

    - Alexander Sanchez, The Kulturen newspaper

  • Information

    Series The Walking Dead
    Original title The Walking Dead, Volume 8: Made To Suffer
    Weight 428 g
    Media type Stapled
    Language Swedish
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    ISBN 9789198073430
    Page count 156
    Measure 169 x 259 x 12 mm
    Released 2013-09-26
    Title The Walking Dead Volume 8. The Storm
    Translator Sara Arestedt
    Editor Johan Kimrin
    Illustrator Cliff Rathburn
    Author Robert Kirkman
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard
    Illustrator Jimmy Wallin

    Apart Publishers