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HELSINGLIGHT - Alternative Artist in Residence (AAIR)

Artist residency with a main focus on alternative and subcultural expressions. Whether you're an artist, researcher, illustrator, developer, musician, sculptor, burlesque dancer, or photographer, you can live and create your masterpiece at House of Helsinglight with full dedication.

Due to ongoing renovations at Helsinglight, young children, and logistical challenges, our Artist-in-Residence program is currently on hold. We plan to resume the artist residency as soon as possible and are now welcoming new applications for residencies starting in spring/summer 2025.

Do you want to live and create at Helsinglight AAiR - Alternative Artist in Residence?

AAiR Description

House of Helsinglight - a creative sanctuary in the heart of Hälsingland, Sweden.

Artist residency with a main focus on alternative and subcultural expressions. Whether you are a painter, researcher, illustrator, developer, musician, sculptor, burlesque artist, dancer, writer, poet or photographer, you can live and create your masterpiece at House of Helsinglight with commitment and dedication.

We also have a beautiful art gallery/event space where we organize art exhibitions, film screenings, small concerts, yoga etc. This space is also available for our artists to use in collaboration with House of Helsinglight during the residency program.

Helsinglight AAiR - Area

House of Helsinglight is located in a large old school building in the beautiful countryside of Vattlång, Hälsingland. We are a creative sanctuary and inspiring retreat, away from all the hustle and bustle of big cities. House of Helsinglight is located 20 minutes from Hudiksvall city and about 2.5 hours north of Stockholm by train.

About House of Helsinglight

At House of Helsinglight, we offer education and courses in FX makeup and mask making. We organize art exhibitions in our amazing art gallery as well as various alternative events and concerts, etc. Our goal is to bring creative people together under creative conditions so that new artistic collaborations and synergies can emerge. Our journey with Helsinglight has just begun.

Amfiria was the first artist to try out the Helsinglight AAiR. During her stay from May 13th to 24th, she also participated in a 10-day training in creating silicone masks. During her residency, she also sculpted the fantasy owl Gilbert, which Petra helped her cast and reproduce in stone. More pictures can be found on Helsinglight's Facebook page.

  • Our AAiR apartment can accommodate up to 2 people
  • The AAiR apartment/studio is located on the second floor. It features a small kitchen, living/work area, "small pod room/author's corner," bedroom, bathroom/toilet, storage (shower is available in another bathroom on the same floor).


Martin Nilsson and Oscar Panizza, founders of the interview podcast "Spökpodden," stayed at Helsinglight AAiR when they visited us to make a podcasting series about Helsinglight during their stay. This photo is from the living room in our beautiful AAiR apartment.

We Offer:

  • Artist residencies with a focus on alternative and subcultural art forms and expressions
  • Residencies with a focus on creativity and well-being
  • A place where you meet creative people from all over the world
  • AAiR apartment/studio with access to Helsinglight Art Gallery, FX Studio. Total of 200 m2 of creative space.
  • Private 35 m2 beautifully renovated artist apartment with 1 bedroom (double bed and bunk bed), private toilet, bedroom, kitchen, access to shared luxurious bathroom.
  • 1 Gbit/1 Gbit Internet
  • Beautiful nature around the corner. Vast fields, deep forests, beautiful lakes for summer swimming or ice fishing.
  • Car parking and the possibility to rent bicycles. 2 km to the nearest bus stop.

To be close to nature and spend time in nature increases creativity and has positive effects on our mental health and well-being.

Who is Alternative Artist in Residence (AAiR) for?

Helsinglight AAiR is open to artists and cultural workers (18 years+) from all over the world in all artistic and cultural disciplines. Our main focus is on alternative and subcultural expressions. We offer an opportunity for a creative sanctuary if you are seeking a creative oasis and workspace to work on your artistic projects. Living and creating at House of Helsinglight AAiR is a unique experience. You will become richer in knowledge, experience, creativity and find new friends for life!

Helsinglight AAiR caters to many different creative areas:

  • Musician
  • Game Designer
  • Blacksmith
  • Performing Artist
  • Visual Artist
  • VR / AR Artist
  • Dancer
  • Storyteller
  • Researcher
  • SFX / FX / VFX Artist
  • Writer / Poet
  • Circus Performer
  • Developer
  • Podcast Creator
  • Actor
  • Sculptor
  • Artist
  • Videographer
  • Mixed Media Artist
  • Fine Carpenter
  • Photographer
  • Director
  • Burlesque Performer
  • Cosplayer
  • Tattoo Artist
  • Fire Performer
  • Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Entrepreneur
  • Gamer
  • Movie Enthusiast

...AND many more creative fields.


Our vision for Helsinglight is to make it a creative oasis and resort to visit or be creatively part of. A magical place that bubbles with artistic and creative life. - Petra Shara Stoor & Fredrik Fernlund, House of Helsinglight

— Petra Shara Stoor & Fredrik Fernlund, House of Helsinglight


Would you like to book a stay at Helsinglight?

Then you can easily send us an email at to express your interest. Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to apply for our program and book the dates that suit you best. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to create an unforgettable experience at Helsinglight.

Vattlång 114
82991 Ilsbo
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  • 1-2 persons
Suitable for:
  • Individual practitioner
  • Couples
  • Friends
Recommended age:
  • 18+
Length of stay:
  • 1-4 weeks
(If you wish to stay longer, this can be discussed separately)
Cost covered by the artist:
  • Travel
  • Residency fee
  • Food
  • Materials
  • Production costs
  • Firewood for heating
  • Private AAiR apartment
  • Shared workspace
  • Art gallery & event space
  • Shared luxurious bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Not allowed


Collaboration opportunities

There are opportunities for collaboration with Helsinglight on various artistic projects if you would like to work with us on a project instead of working on your own.

Depending on the project and collaboration you propose, we will look more closely at this and make individual collaboration agreements with each artist regarding residency fees and other costs. Contact us to discuss this possibility further.


Apply to Helsinglight Alternative Artist in Residence

Do you want to apply for our residency program at Helsinglight AAiR - Alternative Artist in Residence? Follow the steps below to submit your application:

  1. Tell us about yourself: Briefly describe who you are, where you live, and what you work with/create.

  2. Submit your artistic CV/digital portfolio or links to your website/Facebook/Instagram.

  3. Tell us why you want to come to Helsinglight and be part of our program.

  4. Describe the creative project you want to work on during your stay at Helsinglight AAiR. Will you be working on your own project or do you want to collaborate with us at Helsinglight in some way?

  5. Specify how long you wish to stay and create at Helsinglight AAiR.

  6. If you are coming with another artist, family, or friend, mention it here and submit the application together if the other person is also interested in applying for the program.


Apply to Helsinglight AAiR - Alternative Artist in Residence

To apply, please fill out the form below, or email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your interest in our residency program