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Helsinglight Art Gallery

We showcase unique, alternative art in our art gallery as well as invite you to various music events and concerts with an intimate, alternative touch to them.

Helsinglight Art Gallery is a newly renovated gallery located in the beautiful House of Helsinglight. As a visitor, we offer you the opportunity to experience unique art exhibitions and events. As an artist, we offer you the opportunity to rent a wall or the entire art gallery to exhibit your art.

In addition to the indoor gallery space, you also have access to 1.8 hectares of land with beautiful forest for outdoor art installations. At Helsinglight, we hang the art together with you and make your opening night special to help you maximize the number of visitors and potential customers.

We also offer various marketing services that you can choose from to promote your art and exhibition at Helsinglight Art Gallery.

Our art gallery is equipped with:

  • A 60 sqm space with large white walls. Ceiling height of 3.75 m
  • BeaconMouse lighting system with adjustable focus on lighting
  • Four exhibition tables for installations/sculptures
  • Basic sound system
  • Spacious lobby for serving snacks and drinks
  • Access to a basic kitchen

The following applies when renting the art gallery:

  • Helsinglight is staffed on certain weekdays by agreement. There are opportunities to keep the art gallery open in the evenings and on weekends. The exhibitor is responsible for the gallery space at that time.
  • The rental period begins on Thursdays when the art is hung together with Helsinglight art curators. The opening of your exhibition takes place on the following Saturday. All paintings should be framed (except for certain canvas pieces) and ready to hang.
  • Group exhibitions are possible, where you rent spaces together.
  • Drinks and snacks for your vernissage are provided by Helsinglight (only applicable when renting the entire gallery. For renting individual walls, this is paid for by the exhibitor.)
  • Helsinglight creates an event on social media to share your art and invite to the vernissage/exhibition. It is possible to purchase additional services for further marketing.
  • Insurance for your art is available during the exhibition period.
  • The exhibitor must provide their own payment solutions to their customers. This is not provided by Helsinglight.
  • A rental agreement between Helsinglight and the exhibiting artist will be established, which also contains more information about the rules and maintenance of the premises.

Prices for gallery spaces

Rent the entire art gallery for a cost of 7000 SEK per month. We also offer the possibility to rent individual walls, see the sketch below. Before we initiate a collaboration, we would like to have a personal contact with you to discuss the art you want to exhibit so that we can establish a mutual agreement. If you are interested in exhibiting your art at Helsinglight Art Gallery, please send us some reference images of your work, links to your website or social media, and also which type of space in our gallery you would be interested in renting.

Galleriytor och priser - Helsinglight Konstgalleri

Rent a wall - See floor plan above

  • Purple wall: 500 SEK/month
  • Red wall: 1000 SEK/month
  • Blue wall: 1500 SEK/month
  • Green wall: 2000 SEK/month
  • Yellow wall: 2000 SEK/month
  • Brown wall: 2500 SEK/month
  • Pink wall: 3000 SEK/month
  • Orange wall: 3500 SEK/month

  • Whole gallery: 7000 SEK/month


Prices 2023

(All prices are excluding VAT)

We charge a booking fee of 500 SEK. This is not refunded in case of cancellation. The remaining amount is due 30 days before the exhibition unless otherwise agreed with Helsinglight.

Extra services you can purchase

If you want to maximize the number of visitors and increase the chances of a successful sale of your art, we offer a selection of additional services: All prices are excluding VAT.

  • "ABOUT YOU" means that you get a blog post about you and your art on our website. This will be spread via our social media and sent out as a newsletter to our followers.

    Price: 1500 SEK

  • “ART ONLINE” means that we take pictures of your art and post it in our shop on Facebook. Please note that direct purchases cannot be made from this service, but it will increase the number of views and potential buyers.

    Price: 500 SEK/month

  • "EXHIBITION" is a service for those who haven't booked the entire gallery but still want help organizing a vernissage before the art exhibition. Helsinglight will provide everything needed for your vernissage, such as hosting, planning, purchasing, and serving drinks and snacks.

    Price: 2500 SEK

  • “CREATIVITY” means that you get a workspace in our studio during the time you have an art exhibition with us. You will have an inspiring space to create new artworks for future exhibitions and can use your time here to create new works.

    Price: 1500 SEK
  • “MARKETING” means that you get digital advertising on our social media. There are three different price levels depending on how many users you want to reach.

    Price starts at: 1500 SEK


Exhibit your art at Helsinglight Art Gallery

Send us a message with what you are interested in and we will get back to you with more information.