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A Game Of Thrones Volume 2: The Battle for the Iron Throne

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    A Game of Thrones volume 2 - The Battle for the Iron Throne contains not only 180 beautifully drawn and colored pages, but also exclusive bonus material about the work in producing the series version. Read about all the trips back and forth before George RR Martin was finally satisfied with, for example, how the others (White Walkers) and the Iron Throne were portrayed.

    From the George RR Martin Foreword to A Game of Thrones Volume 1.

    Welcome to the first collected volume of A Game of Thrones, the serialized novel based on my fantasy book of the same name.

    Let's make one thing clear: This is not a supplement to the TV series. What you are now about to read is a completely personal adaptation of my novels. The creators behind the different versions of my saga—Daniel Abraham and Tommy Patterson for the comic book—started from the same source material and ran into some of the same challenges, but they also had to deal with issues unique to their respective mediums. In some cases they may have found the same solution, in others they had to take completely different paths. But if you like the TV series and wonder why the stories are a little different, and why the characters don't look like the actors you've seen on your flat screen TV... now you know.

    If you enjoyed the books or the TV series, we hope you'll enjoy this version as well. And if you haven't been introduced to A Song of Ice and Fire before, I hope you enjoy visiting Westeros and Winterfell, meeting Tyrion and Jon Snow and Arya and Ned and Cersei and Sansa and Bran and the rest of my thousands of characters . (But don't get too attached to them.)

    - George RR Martin

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    Page count 192
    Measure 167 x 259 x 12 mm
    Language Swedish
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    ISBN 9789197959292
    Media type Stapled
    Released 2013-09-26
    Weight 512 g
    Series The Tale of Ice and Fire - cartoon
    Title Game of thrones - The battle for the Iron Throne. Volume 2
    Author Daniel Abraham
    Author George RR Martin
    Translator Cato Wanderer
    Illustrator Tommy Patterson

    Apart Publishers