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Green Stuff Modelling clay DAS

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Colour: Terracotta
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  • Description

    DAS Clay, one of the world's most sold clays. This clay is incredibly versatile and has a soft and smooth texture that makes it easy to knead. Thanks to its air-dry form, you don't need to fire the clay in an oven - it dries in just about 24 hours per centimeter. The clay shrinks slightly depending on room temperature and surface, but this does not affect the quality of the final result.

    DAS air-dry clay is also ideal for creating detailed dioramas and fillings. A diorama is a three-dimensional model scene that portrays real or fictional places or events. With DAS air-dry clay, you can easily create impressive and realistic dioramas.

    Another advantage of DAS air-dry clay is that you can dilute it with water to get the desired consistency and shape it into different figures and patterns. The clay dries quickly and provides a durable surface, making it an excellent material for sculpting and model-building. DAS air-dry clay can be used with various types of paint and varnish. The packaging is resealable, so you can easily store your clay after use. DAS clay is a high-quality product that is perfect for professional artists and enthusiasts. Contents: 500gr. Order today and let your creativity take shape!

  • Features

    • 500 g
    • DAS air-dry clay is also ideal for creating detailed dioramas and fillings.
  • Usage


    1. Easy to knead
    2. Can be diluted with water to achieve desired consistency
    3. Dries at room temperature with a drying time of 24h per centimeter
    4. Close the packaging tightly when not using the clay
    5. Should not be fired in an oven
    6. Can be painted and varnished


    • Stored at room temperature and tightly closed in its packaging.