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GSW Apoxie Sculpt

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  • Description

    This product, Apoxie Sculpt, combines the properties and benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive properties of epoxy! Its smooth, putty-like consistency is easy to mix and use. It adheres to almost any surface and is perfect for sculpting, decorating, gluing, and filling. It accepts colors, stains, glitter powder, and more for a variety of finishing options. You can sand, tap, drill, cut, and turn it without chipping, cracking, or flaking.

    Apoxie Sculpt is ideal for various crafts and hobbies, including sculpture, embellishment, jewelry making, glass art, texture stamping, mold making, doll making, home and school projects, hobby models, miniatures, model horses, woodworking, and terrarium design. It is also used in design, model making, and special effects, allowing you to add details to models and kits, fill and cover seams and fixtures, create prototypes, make props, customize aquariums, create outdoor displays and theme parks, apply landscaping, and create wildlife art, and much more. Be creative and explore your own applications with Apoxie Sculpt!

    To use the product, remember to wear disposable gloves and measure equal parts of Component A and B. Mix them thoroughly until a consistent color is achieved. You will have a working time of 1-3 hours before it self-hardens in 24 hours, resulting in a strong, semi-gloss finish. After use, clean your tools with soap, water, or Aves Safety Solvent. Use protective equipment for safe handling.

  • Features

    • 227 g in each jar, 454 g in total
    • Mix well until a uniform color is achieved
    • Working time of 1-3 hours
    • Self-hardens in 24 hours
    • Combines the properties of clay sculpting and epoxy adhesion
    • Smooth and easy to blend
    • Adheres to various surfaces
    • Perfect for sculpting, decorating, and filling
    • Versatile and accepts different finishes
    • Durable and can be worked without chipping or cracking
    • Used in crafts, model making, and special effects.