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GSW Liquid Frost

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  • Description

    This product creates a whitish crystal structure that simulates the effect of frost. External factors such as humidity, temperature, and surface can affect the formation of frost. Use it to imitate frost on trees, bushes, flowers, crystals, and other formations. Apply multiple layers with a brush and let it dry for 4-24 hours. Additional applications can reactivate the crystallization process. Clean with water if needed. Effects may vary depending on the application method (brush or airbrush). For airbrushing, avoid applying too thin layers to ensure crystal formation. The product can be diluted with water, but it may weaken the crystals. Contains 17 ml.


    Using other products over the hardened frost effect may affect the crystals.

    Moisture can melt or weaken them. Porous materials such as wood, MDF, cork, cardboard, etc. can absorb the product and eliminate the effect.

    Seal these materials before application. To increase the hardness of the crystals, cyanoacrylate glue can be used through capillary action.

    Excessive use may release fumes. If coloring the crystals is desired, do it through capillary action before affecting the structure.

  • Features

    • Contains 17 ml.
    • Apply multiple layers with a brush.
    • Drying time: 4-24 hours.
    • Can also be used with an airbrush, but avoid applying too thin layers.
    • Can be diluted with water, but the crystals will become weaker.