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Green Stuff Bar 100 gr.

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  • Description

    Mixing equal parts of the yellow "filler" and the blue "hardener" creates a sticky green putty that has a chewed gum-like consistency. Once mixed, it has a working time of 90 minutes for shaping and detailing and reaches "ultimate hardness" after 24 hours. Adjusting the mix with more blue or yellow component provides faster/slower and harder/softer curing.

    We recommend using a lubricant to prevent Green Stuff from sticking. Usually, water is sufficient, but some also use substances like petroleum jelly or baby oil for smooth surfaces. Keep your fingers and tools moist to facilitate sculpting and modeling. Adding talc can reduce stickiness and prevent fingerprint marks.

    This set contains 100g of material 

  • Features

    • 100 g
    • green
    • working time 90 minutes
    • Reaches ultimate hardness after 24 hours
    • use lubricant to make work process easier and less sticky