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Grimas Dirt Paste

by Grimas
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Size: 60 ml (apx. 2 .1 fl oz)
Color: Rotten Yellow
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Dirt Paste from Grimas is a yellowish thick paste that is used to create cool special effects with makeup such as infected wounds, burns, dirt, rotten zombie skin, etc. The paste can be modeled for a certain time before it hardens after about 5 minutes. The paste can be made up with different colors of water make-up to achieve the desired color, more effects and dimensions. A super fun product to work with to create nasty effects with makeup!

  • Features

    • 60 ml
    • Create burns, Zombie skin, rotten skin, infected wounds, etc
    • Sets after 5 minutes
    • Can be colored/painted in with water make-up
  • Usage


    1. For the product to adhere better, clean the area on the skin first with Grimas Cleansing Lotion .
    2. Apply Dirt Paste to the skin/in the injury/effect with Derma wax spatula .
    3. Make up the product if necessary.
    4. Dirt Paste hardens after about 5 minutes, so shape the product to your liking before it hardens.
    5. Close the packaging carefully after use so that the product does not dry out.


    1. You can easily remove the paste by scraping off the Dirt Paste with a Derma Wax spatula or similar from the skin.
    2. You can also use Grimas Multi Remover Pure to remove remains of the paste, or rinse with cold water and then wash off with soap and warm water.
    3. There are no guarantees that Grimas Dirt Paste will remove from clothing. If it gets on your clothes, rinse with cold water first. Then let the garment soak with a little detergent. Then wash the garment by hand or in the machine.


    • Store Blood Paste dry and cool.