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by Grimas
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Grimas Face Paint Brush Set is a complete and versatile set of brushes that contains everything you need to create a variety of face paintings. Create your own makeup look with Grimas brush kit!
  • Features

    • The set consists of 5 different synthetic brushes:
    • The 2 round brushes (Round 1 & 4) are highly suitable for creating fluid lines.
    • The flower brush (Flora) is specially designed for painting petals and leaves quickly and easily.
    • With the angled brush (Angle), the width of the brushstroke can be easily varied by rotating the brush, similar to calligraphy.
    • The flat brush (Flat) is ideal for drawing bold lines and covering larger areas.
    • The brushes quickly absorb makeup, feel comfortable in the hand, and retain their shape well.
  • Usage


    1. Clean the brushes with water and soap or shampoo.

    2. After washing, shape the wet bristles back into their proper form by hand and allow the brush to dry on a towel. Do not leave the brush standing upright during drying, as water may be absorbed into the handle. Avoid leaving the brushes in a bowl of water for extended periods, as this is detrimental to the bristles.

      Over time, the bristles may change color, but this does not affect the makeup application in any way