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Grimas Lash Adhesive Latex Free

by Grimas
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Colour: Transparant
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  • Description

    Achieve a perfect lash look with false lashes without worrying about allergies with Grimas Lash Adhesive Latex Free! This latex-free eye lash adhesive is suitable for both false lashes and individual lashes. With a waterproof, easy to apply, and fast-drying formula, it's the sought-after product you've been waiting for. The packaging includes a thin brush applicator for precise placement on lashes. Grimas Lash Adhesive Latex Free comes in a white shade that dries transparent and a darker shade (101) that becomes black after drying. 3ml packaging.

  • Features

    • latexfree
    • 2 colors, transparant or black (101)
    • apply with applicator in bottle
  • Usage


    1. Apply the product on the false lash and let it dry for a short while until the glue becomes sticky. If desired, you can also apply a little glue on the skin for extra strength.
    2. Apply the false lash on the skin and press down. Let dry.


    1. Remove the false lashes (pieces) from the skin (use a little Grimas Cleansing Milk if needed).
    2. Then remove the Lash Adhesive Latex Free from the false lashes with Grimas Mastix Remover.


    • keep in a cool, dry place