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Grimas Sparkling Hero Set

by Grimas
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  • Description
  • Properties
  • Usage
  • Description

    Explore the Grimas Sparkling Hero Set - an amazing kit for children to create sparkling tattoo-like effects. With highly pigmented Sparkling Powder and strong Body Glue, you can create fantastic glitter tattoos. The plastic-free powder provides a subtle shimmer and can be used for beautiful beauty makeup looks. Body Glue is waterproof and gentle on the skin. Encourage children's creativity with safe and enjoyable sparkle. Order now and let the imagination flourish!

  • Properties

    • 1 x POLYGLITTER 5 ml 101
    • 1 x SPARKLING POWDER 702
    • 1 x SPARKLING POWDER 730
    • 1 x SPARKLING POWDER 750
    • 1 x BODY GLUE 10 ml

  • Usage


    1. Sparkling Powder can be applied in dry form as well as on an adhesive surface.
    2. Apply Sparkling Powder to a thin layer of Grimas Body Glue (for a waterproof and long-lasting result), Fix Gel or Stoppelpasta.
    3. By mixing Sparkling Powder with Grimas Gloss 00 or Lipstick Base (Pearl) you can easily create a new shimmering color of Gloss or Lipstick.


    1. Remove Sparkling Powder with lukewarm water and soap (you can also use shampoo).
    2. Massage it in briefly and rinse off with lukewarm water.
      Do not use ready-made cleaning cloths.
    3. As Sparkling Powder is largely made up of pure color pigments, it may occur with a number of colors (730, 731, 740 and 760) that a small trace of color remains when mixed with water or Grimas Cleansing Lotion and is used directly on the skin.


    • Store in a cool dry place