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Grimas Stippel / Stuppel Sponge, Beard stubble sponge

by Grimas
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Size: Fine-porous (stipple)
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in stock, ready to be shipped
  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Fine-pored or coarse-pored stubble sponge - Grimas Stippel / Stuppel Sponge. This sponge is used to, among other things, make up scratches, stubble, various melange makeups, etc. It is also very useful as a tool when working with sculpting wounds, injuries, sculptures with the Chavant clay. Then you use it to make the clay smoother and work together your shapes. The stubble mushroom is available with fine and coarse pores.

  • Features

    • Good tool for creating scrub wounds, stubble, etc
    • Size in cm: 5x3x2.5
    • Fine-porous or coarse-porous
    • Colour: Black
    • Also good tools to use when sculpting with Chavant clay
  • Usage


    1. Take the makeup product you wish to work with and first dab a little on your own hand to see the effect and intensity of the color.
    2. Then dab the sponge on the skin where you want the effect. Do not pull as you will destroy the effect of the texture of the sponge.
    3. Do not work with the same stubble sponge on several people for hygienic reasons.
    4. If you work with Chavantlera , the sponge will get mud on it that cannot be cleaned. The sponge can be used for working with clay until you feel that it no longer fulfills its function. Do not use it for makeup after you have worked with the sponge with clay.


    1. If you worked with makeup, rinse and wash out the sponge by hand with soap and lukewarm water after each use.
    2. You can then wash it in a 40 degree washing machine if you wish. Then put the sponge in a laundry bag to protect both the washing machine and makeup sponge.
    3. If you used the sponge for your sculpting clay work, you can gently clean it with 99% alcohol to get the worst of it off.