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Grimas Transparent Powder, fixing powder

by Grimas
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Size: 40 gr (apx.1.5 oz)
Colour: Transparent
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Transparent Powder from Grimas is a fixing powder (loose powder) for makeup. It gives a matte finish and becomes transparent when in contact with oils and waxes. Good for matting Crème Make-up to reduce shine and for lasting results.

  • Features

    • 40g, 120g
    • Matts down shine in makeup
    • Powder for fixing Make Up and wax
    • Transparent
  • Usage


    1. Apply the powder using a blush brush, powder wand or powder puff.
    2. A good tip is to spread some of the powder on a plate or similar, dip the brush/puff in it.
    3. Shake off excess powder before application and lightly brush over desired area.
    4. Leave it on for a little while and then brush off any excess powder.


    Store Transparent Powder dry.