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JOVI Plastilina Clay

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  • Description

    Discover the versatile modeling clay JOVI plastilina that never dries out! Create amazing artworks by blending colors for endless variations of shades. JOVI plastilina is perfect for creating animations and bringing characters to life. This is a clay that does not smear or stain. With a firm consistency, you can shape detailed constructions and maintain their form even with thin structures. It can be worked at low temperatures and can also be lacquered for a nice finish.

    For even more versatility, mix JOVI plastilina with Milliput and Magic Sculpt. Note that JOVI plastilina is not suitable for creating silicone molds as it contains sulfates. JOVI plastilina is a modeling clay based on vegetable ingredients in fun colors, highly moldable, and suitable from 2 years old. With an easy-to-mold consistency, you can create figures with volume and other techniques on paper. JOVI plastilina is completely safe for children and free from major allergens and gluten.

  • Features

    • Contains 150 g plastilina clay
    • Doesn't dry out 
    • Child-friendly from 2 years old
    • CAUTION!! Do not use with silicone as it contains sulfates!

  • Usage

    1. Work at low temperatures, sculpt your project
    2. It can also be lacquered for a nice finish.
    3. Mix it with Milliput and Magic Sculpt to create an even more versatile modeling clay


      • Store in room temperature