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Kryolan Artex 3-D skin effects

by Kryolan
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  • Description

     Discover Artex - your secret to creating stunning 3D skin effects and concealing unwanted skin anomalies! Artex is a silicone paste and the ultimate solution for crafting lifelike wounds, scars, and burns on the skin. With a simple 1:1 mixing ratio and easy application, you can instantly achieve the effect you desire. After just 5-6 minutes, the curing process begins, and once the plastic substance has dried, you can start designing and creating effects using any color palette of your choice.

    What makes Artex even more impressive is its flexibility on the skin. You can rest assured that what you've created will look natural and stay in place. To achieve the perfect skin tone, you can easily mix silicone colors or flocking into Artex and set the result with powder. 

    Artex is odorless and easy to remove - simply peel it off when you're finished. To ensure that Artex stays in prime condition, make sure to tightly seal the container after each use and store it in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.

    Important to note: Artex is a specialty product for special effects and not a cosmetic item. Keep it out of reach of children for safety reasons.

  • Features

    • 2x40ml
    • create cool 3-D effects
    • measure and mix 1:1 
    • Hardens after 5-6 minutes
    • Easy to remove - simply peel it off
  • Usage


    1. Open container A and B, and retrieve a spatula for each respective container.

    2. Stir the contents in the containers with their respective spatulas to ensure thorough mixing.

    3. Remove an equal amount of A and B from their containers and then seal the containers (you can eyeball it or weigh the materials in small containers if you want to be extra precise).

    4. Thoroughly but relatively quickly mix the two components together (if you desire flocking and silicone color, add them now).

    5. Apply to the skin and create your 3-D effects, use a spatula to design your effect.

    6. Color the effect once it has solidified.

    7. Powder as needed.

    8. Removal

      1. Easy to remove - simply peel it off 
      2. use makeup remover, then soap and water


      • Keep in a dry and cool place