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Mehron Rigid Collodion, scar effect

by Mehron
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Mehron Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" is the perfect solution for creating a scarred skin effect. This clear fluid is a professional formula that dries and wrinkles the skin when applied, creating realistic scar effects. Each bottle contains 4ml of the solution and comes with a brush applicator for precise application. Paint a small amount on the desired area and see how the solution transforms your skin. Whether you want to create a costume or add some realism to your special effects makeup, Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" is a hot tip!
  • Features

    • 4ml in bottle with brush
    • simple method to create realistic scar effects
  • Usage


    1. Apply a thin line to skin where there is a lot of "flesh" or looser skin areas. As the formula dries, it will wrinkle the skin (if the skin is too tight, the scar will not be as successful). For deeper scars, apply multiple layers after each previous one has dried.
    2. Artist's tip: To create an old scar, use a medium brown pencil and add light color down the center. Use a brush to spread and soften the paint. To make a fresher scar, apply a pink color and then brush out. This also eliminates shine.
    3. For external use only. Not recommended for use on sensitive skin or sensitive areas of the face. Test a small area, if irritation occurs, discontinue use. Flammable, keep away from flames. Use in well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.


    1. Remove gently by dissolving with Mehron's Spirit Gum Remover
    2. Wash the skin with makeup remover and finish with mild soap and water


    • Store cool and dry