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Princess Pinky Obsidian Blue, cosplay lenses yearly

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    Experience a magical and captivating look with our new blue shade, designed to catch every eye. These lenses transition beautifully from a deep, intense blue to an enchanting light sky blue, ensuring you turn heads and mesmerize everyone who meets your gaze. With their unique crescent design and vibrant gradient shades, these lenses are perfect for shining like a star at your next convention or party.

    The Princess Pinky Obsidian series is specially crafted to elevate your cosplay to new heights. Inspired by the energy and mystery of obsidian, these lenses transform you with an aura of confidence and power. With their rich and vibrant color palette, your eyes will attract attention and admiration wherever you go.

  • Egenskaper

    • Brand: Princess Pinky
    • Origin: Sydkorea
    • Diameter: 14.5mm
    • Base curve: 8.8mm
    • Water Content: 40%
    • Lens type: Yearly
    • Plano only. Cannot be ordered with prescription
    • Package: 2 lenses separately packed
    • Kvalitetsmärkning: KDFA, CE, KGMP och ISO