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Princess Pinky Red Mesh Sclera lenses

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  • Description

    Step into a world of characters and create stunning cosplay looks with Princess Pinky Red Mesh Sclera lenses! These lenses take your transformation to new heights with their vibrant red color and unique mesh pattern that extends over the pupil.

    With these lenses, you can recreate characters like Mollymauk, Terezi Pyrope, Thrawn, Marie Antoinette, Shadow Link, Rachnera, Lucifer, Terezi, Hastunemiku, and Nun in an impressive way. Whether you're attending a cosplay convention, a themed party, or simply want to transform into your favorite character for a day, these lenses will give you the perfect look to capture their essence. The fully red lenses with the intricate mesh pattern create a mysterious and intense effect that truly stands out.

    Order our Princess Pinky Red Mesh Sclera lenses today and unleash your creativity to create amazing cosplay looks. Whether you want to exude darkness and mystery or capture attention with a captivating character, these lenses will elevate your cosplay to a whole new level. Transform your style and make a powerful impression with these impressive lenses!

    NOTE! Keep in mind that scleral lenses can be difficult to wear, so we recommend that you have experience with lenses before trying these! See the video for tips on inserting and removing lenses.

  • Features

    • Lenses without strength in high quality
    • Lens type: 12 month lens, used for up to one year
    • Quality mark: KDFA, CE, KGMP and ISO, high quality
    • Complete with lens fluid and lens holder for better durability
    • Supplied in pairs in sealed packaging
    • Plano only. Cannot be ordered with prescription
    • Diameter: 22.0mm
    • Base curve: 9.0mm
    • Water content: 45%


    Scleral lenses have a diameter of 22.0mm. It is thus much larger than ordinary lenses. This can create discomfort for the wearer and can also affect your vision. We therefore recommend that you avoid activities where you need your full vision such as driving a vehicle.

  • Usage


    1. Wash hands
    2. Place lens on finger
    3. Make sure the lens is in the right direction
    4. Hold up the eyelids with a finger of the other hand
    5. Place the lens in the center of the eye
    6. Close your eyes and let the lens settle

    Good advice for handling your lenses

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your colored lenses
    2. Leave the lens in a lens case with lens fluid overnight
    3. Do not shower, swim and sleep with the lenses in your eyes
    4. Never wash eyes or lenses with tap water or saliva
    5. Remove the lenses as soon as you feel the slightest discomfort
    6. Do not use lenses if your eyes are irritated, dry or red
    7. Never share lenses with anyone else
    8. Do not wear lenses longer than 8 hours per day
    9. Listen to the advice you received from the optician
    10. Do not wear the same lens longer than the recommended lifespan
    11. Never reuse lens fluid
    12. Never use a lens that is not 100% whole
    13. Do not use lens that is dirty or dusty
    14. Close your eyes when applying makeup or hairspray that may stick to the lens