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Sculpey Adhesive - Bake N Bond

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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Do you want to find a strong and reliable adhesive to fuse your polymer clay projects together? Look no further than Sculpey Bake & Bond! This high-quality adhesive can be baked in the oven and creates an incredibly strong bond between two clay pieces, making it easy to join your work without distorting the fine details and shapes. Sculpey Bake & Bond has a thick and easy-to-use formula that eliminates the need for excessive pressure when bonding your pieces. It can even be used to attach clay to porous surfaces like paper, wood, or canvas. With a bottle containing 59 ml, you'll always have this essential adhesive at your fingertips.

    Not only is it great for bonding, but you can also mix Sculpey Bake & Bond with solid clay to create stunning frosting and cream details for your clay "sweets". Plus, it bakes translucent, making it the perfect complement to any brand of polymer clay.

  • Features

    • Strong adhesive for any polymer clay
    • Content: 59ml
  • Usage

    1. To use Sculpey Bake & Bond, apply a small amount of the adhesive to the surface of the polymer clay piece that you want to bond.
    2. Then, place the second piece of clay on top of the adhesive and press gently to secure the bond.
    3. If you want to attach the clay to a porous surface like paper, wood, or canvas, apply the adhesive to both surfaces that need to be bonded and then press them together.


    • Sculpey Bake & Bond adhesive should be stored at room temperature, preferably in a dry place. To prevent air from entering the bottle and affecting the quality of the adhesive, always make sure the lid is securely closed when not in use.

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