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Mehron Sweat & Tears

by Mehron
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  • Description
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  • Description

    Improve your stage performance with Sweat & Tears! Have you ever wondered how actors manage to bring out emotions on stage? Now you can get the same professional results with our innovative 30ml bottle of Sweat & Tears. This product is specially developed for theatrical applications and creates a realistic illusion of moisture stains or tears on the skin. Experience how the audience reacts to emotional scenes and take your stage performance to the next level with Sweat & Tears.

  • Features

    • 30 ml with brush applicator
    • easy way to create the illusion of sweat and tears

  • Usage


    1. Apply with a brush or sponge using a dabbing or stamping motion to leave 'moist stains'. More applications give greater moisture stains. This product is non-drying, so it's great for creating a sweaty look for a long time. One drop can be applied to the corner of the eye to create a tear.


    1. Remove with soap and water


    • Store cool and dry